... but resistance continues

ROLLS ROYCE is still refusing to negotiate seriously on a pay deal for 1995 for the great majority of its workers. At Sunderland, for example, the claim is for 27% - in line with the rise the directors recently awarded themselves. But aero-engine service (RRaes) workers in Bristol and Ansty have been striking for two days a week to force the company to honour the 1994 deal for a paltry two percent.

At Ansty 350 workers were out again last week, but at Bristol 60 RRaes workers have postponed action to allow for negotiations. The company has at last agreed to pay up for last year and offered 2.5% for 1995 - but only on condition that a whole series of worse conditions are accepted by the workers. Manage-ment wants to incorporate Saturday into the working week for a £16.50 per shift supplement, as opposed to the £80 it now pays for Saturday overtime.

Alan Monaghan, AEEU RRaes steward, told me:

“We are being used as a Trojan Horse. Our sustained industrial action has forced concessions, but to tell you the truth I am quite disappointed that we have been left in isolation. The £2 a week levy from other Rolls workers has given us each two payments of £27 and £22 so far, but without a doubt we need others to join us.”

Peter Manson