Appeal from the editor

Weekly Worker editor Peter Manson has better news this week

Our legal appeal was boosted this week thanks to two substantial donations: a £100 cheque from comrade RG and a £50 PayPal transfer from comrade AN, who writes: “The Weekly Worker is an important resource promoting Marxist and communist unity, and the concept of the mass Communist Party we badly need.”

That is why he, like so many other readers, is determined that our central message will continue to go out, despite the £1,000 damages plus costs we were obliged to agree after the publication of an inaccurate article last year (see ‘Unreserved apology’ Weekly Worker February 7).

The total raised now stands at £3,530, although, as I pointed out last week, the complainant’s solicitors do not seem to be in a hurry to inform us of the sum they wish to claim for their expenses. While that will be subject to negotiation, it will not be trivial.

You can contribute to the appeal by sending a cheque or postal order, made payable to ‘Weekly Worker’, to BCM Box 928, London WC1N 3XX; by going to our website and using our PayPal facility; or by transferring your donation directly from your online bank account - our account number is 00744310 (sort code: 30-99-64). Please remember to specify the purpose of the donation.

You can also ask your union branch or other progressive organisation to contribute. Download the draft motion and covering letter from the revolving carousel near the top of our home page. As comrade AN states, our paper is “an important resource” for the movement and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure it continues to do its job.

Peter Manson