Keep that Summer Offensive money coming in, says Peter Manson

A number of substantial donations were received this week for the Summer Offensive, the CPGB’s annual fundraising drive. Amongst them were a brilliant £200 from BK, £150 from RG, £100 each from PM and RL, and £50 from EW. Several standing orders came the way of the Weekly Worker, while numerous small sums landed in our PayPal account.

Overall, our total increased by £3,429, taking 2016’s SO up to £21,103. The drive ends on Friday August 12, at the end of our Communist University summer school, by which date we hope to have reached our £30,000 target.

While just shy of £9K seems an awful lot to raise in little more than a week, comrades are confident of making it - years of experience have shown that dozens of extra donations come our way during this week of debate, from people who have just dropped in for a session or two, as well as from longstanding comrades who like to hand over their contribution in person at CU. Then there is the money raised through the sale of books, refreshments and so on.

But don’t forget, if you can’t make it to CU, you can do your bit by sending in those cheques and clicking on that PayPal button! (The comrades who did that this week were among the 3,148 readers of our paper online over the last seven days.) But, better still, why not try out Communist University for yourself (see details, p7). Come along and be part of the collective effort to enhance and broaden our political understanding - not to mention increase our SO total!

Because of CU there will be no Weekly Worker next week (August 11) - nor on August 18, which is in the second week of our annual fortnight break. But the team will be back for the August 25 issue - suitably stimulated and refreshed, I hope!l