Getting to the truth

Communist University isn't for pushing a line, says Peter Manson, but do push some cash this way

With not much more than a fortnight to go before the end of our Summer Offensive fundraising drive, another £1,248 was received this week, taking our total to £12,544.

But, you may ask, aren’t you worried? The target is £30,000 and you aren’t even halfway there. Not at all. We know from past experience that the final week of the SO - which this year ends on August 20 - is easily the most productive. That is because it coincides with the CPGB’s annual summer school, Communist University (see ad, p7), when comrades contribute lots in more ways than one. In fact, if we do reach halfway by the start of CU on August 12, we will be very much on target. Mind you, that means we now need to up the pace.

But the past week saw several generous contributions, including donations made to the Weekly Worker. For example, comrade BK gave £100 to our paper, while EW came up with £50 and RD added £20 to his subscription. Smaller amounts came in via PayPal from among our 2,173 online readers last week. Then there were those who donated to the CPGB itself, including TB (£100) and SC (£70).

Speaking of Communist University, why not join us at our south London venue? Take a look at the list of speakers and debates we have planned and see what you think (next week we will publish the complete programme). What is special about CU is that, unlike certain other left groups, we in the CPGB actually encourage the expression of divergent views - how else can we get to the truth? Most sessions last two and a half hours, with much of the time filled by speakers from the floor, not just the platform. We don’t believe in two-minute time limits!

If you come along, not only will you be stimulated by the debates: you will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the food and drink - and contribute to our Summer Offensive in the process!