Appeal from the editor

The appeal is going for the moment, but will return. Peter Manson thanks comrades for their support

Readers will have noted that not much has been happening in relation to the legal dispute in which the Weekly Worker was embroiled earlier this year (see ‘Unreserved apology’ Weekly Worker February 7). In fact the complainant’s solicitors have still not informed us of the expenses they wish to claim,

Unsurprisingly, following the receipt of a number of very generous donations to the appeal we set up, contributions have now dried up and the total received has remained static at £3,530. We have therefore decided to suspend this appeal until such a time as there is movement to report. I would like to reassure donors that in the meantime the money collected is being held in a specific account, ready to be released as and when appropriate.

I would also like to thank once again all comrades who have contributed. Please watch this space.

Peter Manson