Much needed

Peter Manson reports on your contributions to the Summer Offensive target - and some of your comments

"Superb coverage of Corbyn, Momentum, the Labour Party and the election,” writes comrade DV about the Weekly Worker. “And easily the best, most open letters page on the left.” No wonder he thought our paper was worth a £20 donation - which, of course, very much counts towards the CPGB’s £30,000 Summer Offensive fundraising target.

But the star of the show this week was comrade KB, who in total came up with no less than £340, made up by the booking of a stall in addition to a direct donation. But that was only just ahead of TB, whose £300 came from what she spent on provisions for, amongst other things, KB’s stall! Meanwhile VP paid £200 for a relative to attend the CPGB’s Communist University, which takes place in London from August 12-19.

BP came up with a more than handy £120, while RG made one of his regular donations - this time for £75 - to our paper. As it happens, that sum was matched exactly by comrade MM. And FG also deserves a mention for his £50 PayPal gift to the Weekly Worker - he was one of 2,412 online readers this week. Finally there was the £20 donated by comrade Hassan.

All in all, our Summer Offensive was boosted by £1,732, which takes the total raised so far to £9,770. Which means that we’re just about one-third of the way there, with a little over four weeks to go. While we expect to raise several thousand during Communist University week, it would be very useful to be within, say, £5,000 before CU starts.

So, if you fancy helping us raise that much needed total, you know what to do!