Now's the time

Come on, show us the money

With just over two weeks to go before the end of our Summer Offensive fundraising drive, we are just about halfway there. Thanks to donations this week totalling £1,107, we now have £12,194 towards our £25,000 target.

You may well think that raising half the target after three-quarters of the time has already elapsed is nothing much to shout about and in a sense you’d be right. But things aren’t that simple. The final week of the SO is when the CPGB holds its annual school, Communist University, and that is when a very large proportion of donations come in.

Comrades who come to the school often hand over a good part of what they have pledged in that final week and, on top of that, we also raise quite a lot during CU - from stalls, catering, social evenings and in particular our Summer Offensive celebratory meal, which this year will take place on August 24. CU begins on Saturday August 18 and ends a week later on August 25 (see the ad on p2).

Nevertheless, for those who won’t be at CU, please note that you now need to come up with your contributions pretty quickly. Don’t leave things to the very last moment.

The largest donations this week came from MM (£300) and YM (£200), while comrade RC chipped in with £75. Then there were the standing orders to the Weekly Worker, which included four lots of £30 - thanks to SW, AC, CG and NH.

But next week’s issue is the last until September (after that we have CU, where you will find all those who help produce and regularly write for this paper) and, following that, our week-long August break. So I’d really like to report a whole lot of big donations in my column next week.

There’s still time to post us a cheque, payable either to the CPGB or Weekly Worker, at BCM Box 928, London WC1N 3XX. A rather quicker way to get us your contribution is via PayPal - on either website. But, best of all, in terms of both speed and cost, is to make a bank transfer (Weekly Worker: sort code 30-99-64; account number 00744310. CPGB: sort code 08-92-99; account number 65109991).

Now’s the time, comrades!

Peter Manson