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Summer Offensive -Above our weight

09 Aug 2012

Mark Fischer thanks our supporters for stepping up and takes on anti-cpgb red baiting

Summer Offensive

02 Aug 2012

Feel the Pain - do it anyway. Mark Fischer gives an update on the Summer Offensive

Foreign country?

26 Jul 2012

Is the past really that different from the present? Asks Mark Fischer


19 Jul 2012

The latest update on the CPGB's Summer Offensive from Mark Fischer

Summer Offensive: Relax (do it!)

12 Jul 2012

Mark Fischer reports on the Summer Offensive fundraising and the new CPGB website.

Two days to raise £182

28 Jun 2012

Why not send Robbie Rix a pound or two before he leaves us during the Summer Offensive?

Desperate need

21 Jun 2012

Our fighting fund target is the minimum we need, says Robbie Rix.


07 Jun 2012

Mend your wicked ways and set up a standing order to the Weekly Worker. It's easy and will be a great help, says Robbie Rix

A grand a day

05 Aug 2010

Howard Roak insists it's still not too late to contribute to the SO

Halfway mark

29 Jul 2010

Howard Roak calls for a really good week for the SO campaign

Large chunk

22 Jul 2010

Robbie Rix warns that it is easy to take the Weekly Worker for granted

10k and counting

15 Jul 2010

Things are looking good to Howard Roak


08 Jul 2010

Howard Roak reports on another cracking week for our annual fundraising campaign

Take note

01 Jul 2010

Howard Roak points out that the political work of the SO can actually be fun

Fantastic start

24 Jun 2010

Howard Roak looks ahead as we square up for two months of hard work

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