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Simply broke

17 Jun 2010

Robbie Rix points out that a number of small donations would make all the difference

Summer Offensive

17 Jun 2010

Howard Roak emphasises the sinews of war

Shout it out!

10 Jun 2010

Robbie Rix regrets plain thoughtlessness


03 Jun 2010

Robbie Rix says that web contributions are still nowhere near enough

Five minutes

27 May 2010

Robbie Rix asks who's going to be first to donate £10

Not so paltry

20 May 2010

Robbie Rix thanks last week's internet donors


13 May 2010

Robbie Rix reckons we are still on target

Where we are

06 May 2010

Robbie Rix considers that this month's fund has got off to a reasonable start

Printing money

29 Apr 2010

Readers have done us proud this month, reports Robbie Rix

Big jump

22 Apr 2010

Robbie Rix dares to hope that we will go much further this month


15 Apr 2010

Robbie Rix is reasonably pleased with the way April's fighting fund is progressing


08 Apr 2010

Robbie Rix is moderately encouraged after the first week of April

Taken for granted

01 Apr 2010

Robbie Rix is disappointed to have fallen a bit short this month


25 Mar 2010

Robbie Rix welcomes this week's rise in standing orders


18 Mar 2010

Robbie Rix was saddened that only two comrades got out their credit cards

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