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Fur flies over Lenin

22 Mar 2012

What has the debate over 1912 got to do with current communist practice? James Turley answers the philistines

Another sect is rebranded

09 May 2024

Carl Collins looks at the factors behind the shift from clause four Fabianism to the Madison Avenue ‘communist turn’

Debating with Oehlerites

09 May 2024

With the general election fast approaching, Eddie Ford reports on the Online Communist Forum debate. While the Spartacist League fetishises opposition to the person of Sir Keir Starmer and throws in its lot with the Tusc opportunist lash-up, the CPGB emphasises communist unity as the only serious route towards mass work

Two election tactics

18 Apr 2024

The Bolsheviks are rightly famous for their armed street demonstrations and storming of the Winter Palace. But what they are less known for is their use of elections to the duma, the tsar’s toothless parliament. Jack Conrad puts the record straight

Same old same old

04 Apr 2024

Having abandoned clause four Fabianism, the Woods-Sewell tendency has issued a manifesto with a view to grandly renaming their oil slick international. Mike Macnair asks what, if anything, is new about their Revolutionary Communist International

Repeating past failures

28 Mar 2024

Socialist Appeal’s proposed ‘Revolutionary Communist Party’ claims to offer a ‘clean break with the sects’. In fact, the proposal is a mere repetition of the method of the confessional sects, argues Mike Macnair

Delusions of ‘official optimism’

21 Mar 2024

Socialist Appeal has discarded its ‘clause four’ Fabianism and made a ‘communist turn’, all explained by heady talk of a coming revolutionary crisis. Mike Macnair assesses its perspectives

We need political action

29 Feb 2024

What comes first? Politics or economics? Mike Macnair responds to the criticisms of Robert Schlosser and upholds the general approach of the Marx-Engels team and their strategy of revolutionary patience

Deal with the arguments

22 Feb 2024

The left needs to stop tailing spontaneity and start thinking strategically. Mike Macnair takes issue with Steve Bloom’s canonisation of Luxemburg and criticisms of democratic republicanism

Communist unity and its refuseniks

25 Jan 2024

We must reject bureaucratic centralism, sects of one and diplomatic unity-mongering. Instead, we must uphold the right to engage in sharp polemics and form factions, says Mike Macnair. This is an edited version of his January 21 Online Communist Forum talk

Communists and holy war

18 Jan 2024

While the past should not and cannot be mapped onto the present, Jack Conrad argues that the approach taken by Comintern to the Muslim east contains many useful lessons - if, that is, we retain our critical faculties

Doing their party turn

23 Nov 2023

What lies beneath the new communist wrapping? Baris Graham takes a look at Socialist Appeal’s latest incarnation

A communist appeal to Socialist Appeal

09 Nov 2023

Going from Fabian clause four socialism to self-declared communism is welcome progress, says Mike Macnair. But what that poses is unity in a Communist Party

Transition to nowhere

02 Nov 2023

The so-called transitional method relies on economism and spontaneity. Jack Conrad makes the case for the minimum-maximum programme and the struggle to win the battle for democracy

Unity based on solid principles

02 Nov 2023

Mike Macnair replies to criticism of the CPGB on partyism and explains why we uphold the use of sharp open polemics and reject the soggy methods of diplomacy

Opportunism in matters of organisation

26 Oct 2023

While we broadly agreed over Israel and Gaza, we sharply disagreed over membership commitment and maintaining barriers. James Harvey reports

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