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Fur flies over Lenin

22 Mar 2012

What has the debate over 1912 got to do with current communist practice? James Turley answers the philistines

Doing their party turn

23 Nov 2023

What lies beneath the new communist wrapping? Baris Graham takes a look at Socialist Appeal’s latest incarnation

A communist appeal to Socialist Appeal

09 Nov 2023

Going from Fabian clause four socialism to self-declared communism is welcome progress, says Mike Macnair. But what that poses is unity in a Communist Party

Transition to nowhere

02 Nov 2023

The so-called transitional method relies on economism and spontaneity. Jack Conrad makes the case for the minimum-maximum programme and the struggle to win the battle for democracy

Unity based on solid principles

02 Nov 2023

Mike Macnair replies to criticism of the CPGB on partyism and explains why we uphold the use of sharp open polemics and reject the soggy methods of diplomacy

Opportunism in matters of organisation

26 Oct 2023

While we broadly agreed over Israel and Gaza, we sharply disagreed over membership commitment and maintaining barriers. James Harvey reports

Getting in touch

19 Oct 2023

Jack Conrad takes up the offer made by Will McMahon and Nick Wrack about talks and joint work towards creating the basis for a mass Communist Party

The nature of the beast

19 Oct 2023

Could the Soviet Union be described as a ‘workers’ state’ of any type? Drawing on the groundbreaking work of Hillel Ticktin, Yassamine Mather says that the only serious answer must be an emphatic ‘no’

Debating unity in Socialist Alliance

05 Oct 2023

Recently there has been talk going around about CPGB-AWL ‘fusion talks’ in the early 2000s. There were talks, that is for sure, but not about fusion. This was before the Iraq war and in the context of the Socialist Alliance, which brought together six principal organisations, including the CPGB, AWL, SPEW and SWP. In the interests of clarity and to encourage worthwhile left unity, we republish our report from October 2 2002 of the CPGB’s membership aggregate, written by Mary Godwin

Unity and its discontents

28 Sep 2023

Are campaigns calling for unity bound to fall on stony ground? Lawrence Parker takes issue with Mike Macnair on communist rapprochement

It’s good to talk

28 Sep 2023

Unwillingness to fight through political differences results in unprincipled splits which cannot be explained and reduces the movement to gravel. Mike Macnair issues a call for debate

Two forms of unity

21 Sep 2023

There are any number of broad unity projects being plotted, floated and pushed at the moment. All will fail. James Harvey reports on our assessments, debates … and a membership application

Once more unto the breach

14 Sep 2023

Workers did not rule and suffered terrible oppression, but, sticking to the provisional assessment made by Trotsky in the 1930s, the Soviet Union was still a workers’ state, insists Daniel Lazare

Other theories, other labels

10 Aug 2023

If, after the launch of the first five-year plan, the Soviet Union cannot be classified as a workers’ state, what was it? Jack Conrad looks at some alternatives that have been offered by different schools of thought

Clean breaks and clear principles

03 Aug 2023

Today’s left largely misunderstands and therefore misrepresents Clara Zetkin’s contribution to the politics of Marxism. Ben Lewis provides an excerpt from the introduction to a newly translated pamphlet

Online Communist Forum, Sunday July 30 5pm

27 Jul 2023

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