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End the cycle of splits

24 May 2012

If the left is to build a serious political organisation it will have to facilitate internal dissent, writes Mike Macnair. And that will require both majorities and minorities to act responsibly

Communist unity and its refuseniks

25 Jan 2024

We must reject bureaucratic centralism, sects of one and diplomatic unity-mongering. Instead, we must uphold the right to engage in sharp polemics and form factions, says Mike Macnair. This is an edited version of his January 21 Online Communist Forum talk

Taciturns offer nothing positive

11 Jan 2024

Naming your organisation Talking About Socialism and then not wanting to talk is as perverse as it is revealing. Mike Macnair responds to the arguments of Nick Wrack and Will McMahon

Nothing positive to be gained

04 Jan 2024

On the need for a new mass socialist/communist party: a reply to the CPGB-PCC from Talking About Socialism…from a Marxist point of view

Upfront, sharp and personal

30 Nov 2023

Communist unity cannot come about through broad-frontism, safe spaces or tailing the existing left. Mike Macnair responds to three recent contributions

A communist appeal to Socialist Appeal

09 Nov 2023

Going from Fabian clause four socialism to self-declared communism is welcome progress, says Mike Macnair. But what that poses is unity in a Communist Party

Opportunism in matters of organisation

26 Oct 2023

While we broadly agreed over Israel and Gaza, we sharply disagreed over membership commitment and maintaining barriers. James Harvey reports

Following the national road

12 Oct 2023

Defeat for the SNP in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election is probably a foretaste of what will happen in the general election, yet much of the left still clings to petty nationalism. Mike Macnair offers a radical alternative

It’s good to talk

28 Sep 2023

Unwillingness to fight through political differences results in unprincipled splits which cannot be explained and reduces the movement to gravel. Mike Macnair issues a call for debate

Two forms of unity

21 Sep 2023

There are any number of broad unity projects being plotted, floated and pushed at the moment. All will fail. James Harvey reports on our assessments, debates … and a membership application

Rebranding as Transform

03 Aug 2023

Yet another call for a new broad left party, yet another disappointment to come. Mike Macnair looks at the latest offering

Charting a difficult course

08 Jun 2023

How to move the DSA away from the Democratic Party’s left fringes? The answer lies in democratic centralism. Parker McQueeney answers Red Labor

No unity with scabs

15 Dec 2022

There need to be clear lines of demarcation. James Harvey reports on CPGB criticisms of the sort of unity being pursued by comrades in the Netherlands

Open polemics cauterise

17 Nov 2022

James Harvey reports on plans, problems and the need to openly thrash out principled differences

Uniting a motley band

13 Oct 2022

Andries Stroper reports on the first conference of a new socialist ‘party-in-formation’ and its prospects

Original takester

29 Sep 2022

It has been a strange journey from the Revolutionary Opposition to defence of the nation state and traditional values. Paul Demarty delves into Frank Furedi’s cheery new Substack

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