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Hidden from history

22 Nov 2007

Lawrence Parker, The kick inside - revolutionary opposition in the CPGB 1960-1991 2007, £4.00 (+ £1.15 postage), pp75

Breaking the grip of Zionism

06 Jun 2024

There is a way out of the hell into which the Palestinian masses have been consigned by Israeli settler‑colonialism. Jack Conrad presents the communist solution

Continuing a conversation

30 May 2024

‘Bourgeois democracy’ is democratic and also undemocratic. But the term correctly captures the class nature of a particular form of state, insists Steve Bloom

Applying Bolshevism globally

25 Apr 2024

Comintern came into existence because of, on the one hand, the treachery of most of the social democratic parties and, on the other hand, the inspiration provided by the Bolsheviks and the October Revolution. However, as Jack Conrad explains, the main problem encountered in the early years was leftism - not least when it came to electoral strategy and tactics

Repeating past failures

28 Mar 2024

Socialist Appeal’s proposed ‘Revolutionary Communist Party’ claims to offer a ‘clean break with the sects’. In fact, the proposal is a mere repetition of the method of the confessional sects, argues Mike Macnair

Delusions of ‘official optimism’

21 Mar 2024

Socialist Appeal has discarded its ‘clause four’ Fabianism and made a ‘communist turn’, all explained by heady talk of a coming revolutionary crisis. Mike Macnair assesses its perspectives

We need political action

29 Feb 2024

What comes first? Politics or economics? Mike Macnair responds to the criticisms of Robert Schlosser and upholds the general approach of the Marx-Engels team and their strategy of revolutionary patience

Doing their party turn

23 Nov 2023

What lies beneath the new communist wrapping? Baris Graham takes a look at Socialist Appeal’s latest incarnation

Scooby-Doo Marxism

16 Nov 2023

There was a lot about the enemy being capitalism, but nothing much when it comes to strategy. Scott Evans reports on the SWP’s weekend festival in Glasgow

Unity based on solid principles

02 Nov 2023

Mike Macnair replies to criticism of the CPGB on partyism and explains why we uphold the use of sharp open polemics and reject the soggy methods of diplomacy

Take inspiration from Cromwell

04 May 2023

Enough of platonic republicanism, enough of fickle republicanism, enough of egg-throwing republicanism, says Jack Conrad . We need a militant fight for republican democracy

We cause offence

23 Mar 2023

Following the lead of the liberal bourgeoisie, the dominant section of the left takes a ‘free speech, but ...’ approach. Jack Conrad defends the unrestricted right to organise, strike, assemble … and speak

Where next for Nupes?

08 Sep 2022

René Gimpel reports on the enthusiasm and success brought about by uniting the left, but warns of the dangers and pitfalls that come with a flawed programme

The meaning of character

30 Jun 2022

When it comes to the Marxist programme, there are still some on what passes for the left today who will not - cannot - grasp basic, straightforward propositions. Whether that is due to a lack of elementary political education, the idiocy of isolation or factional animus is an open question. Jack Conrad replies to Andrew Northall

Our own programme

16 Jun 2022

Without the working class organising itself into a political party there can be no chance of socialism. But, argues Jack Conrad, without a comprehensive, fully worked-out programme, that party has no chance of navigating the road to socialism and beyond

Their army and ours

09 Jun 2022

Most of the left has embraced the peace slogan in a thoroughly pacifist manner. Marxists, of course, prefer peace to war, but, as Jack Conrad explains, with us that goes hand in hand with making propaganda for the establishment of a popular militia

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