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Another split, another sect

26 Apr 2012

The left must organise on the basis of genuine democratic centralism, argues Ben Lewis

Class, culture and generation

30 Nov 2023

Daniel Lazare welcomes the Jewish civil war that is being fought out in cancellations, sackings, demonstrations, petitions and boycotts

Wider solution needed

09 Nov 2023

The SWP is championing a single-state Palestine using mistaken comparisons with apartheid South Africa. When it comes to Israel-Palestine, there is no bourgeois democratic solution, writes Eddie Ford

Named after the leaderene

26 Oct 2023

Sahra Wagenknecht is that rarest of rare things - a popular politician - and she is set on a split with Die Linke and going her own way. Carla Roberts takes a look at her BSW project

Following the national road

12 Oct 2023

Defeat for the SNP in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election is probably a foretaste of what will happen in the general election, yet much of the left still clings to petty nationalism. Mike Macnair offers a radical alternative

Not much left of the left

05 Oct 2023

So many rival projects and not a serious idea amongst the lot of them. A week ahead of the Liverpool conference, Carla Roberts looks at what little remains of the once mighty Corbyn movement

Mr Griffiths goes to Beijing

07 Sep 2023

Showered with all manner of treats, the CPB’s gensec is a credulous fanboy of China’s ‘socialist modernisation’, writes Paul Demarty

Anti-Semitism of useful idiots

31 Aug 2023

We need a principled defence of free speech and a firm grasp of geo-strategic realities. Mike Macnair discusses the case of David Miller

No call for staying calm

20 Jul 2023

Paul Russell looks back at the disgusting record of police savagery and gives his take on the challenges faced by the left in the next presidential election

Point of no return

06 Jul 2023

Temperature records fall one after the other. Things are on course to get worse, not better. Clearly stunts are not enough, we need to get serious about system change, writes Eddie Ford

Supplement: Back to Nevsky!

06 Jul 2023

Lars T Lih uses an eyewitness account to dispose of some old myths and to show how, if they were to rewin their majority, the Bolsheviks had to adjust to the shock of finding themselves in a minority

Still with us in our hearts

15 Jun 2023

Fred Carpenter December 28 1952 - May 18 2023

Charting a difficult course

08 Jun 2023

How to move the DSA away from the Democratic Party’s left fringes? The answer lies in democratic centralism. Parker McQueeney answers Red Labor

Labour and Lubner’s millions

08 Jun 2023

Starmer’s new megadonor threatens to outweigh the influence of the unions, argues Paul Demarty

Confessions of a rat

01 Jun 2023

Yassamine Mather gives her judgement on an extraordinary talk and subsequent BBC interview with the former governor of the notorious Evin prison

Witch-hunt grows

18 May 2023

While some on the disoriented left will support ‘anyone but Labour’, writes Carla Roberts, Momentum and what remains of the official Labour left beg Sir Keir for unity

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