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'Transitional' to what?

02 Aug 2007

Setting the scene for a series of articles on 'permanent revolution', Mike Macnair argues that the dictatorship of the proletariat must take the specific form of the democratic republic

Blind leading the blind

27 Jul 2023

With Sir Keir in complete control of Labour, the left faces a crisis of perspectives - a crisis which finds full expression in three recent articles. Whatever the nuances and subtle differences, says Mike Macnair, they all remain trapped in possibilism

Point of no return

06 Jul 2023

Temperature records fall one after the other. Things are on course to get worse, not better. Clearly stunts are not enough, we need to get serious about system change, writes Eddie Ford

Witch-hunt grows

18 May 2023

While some on the disoriented left will support ‘anyone but Labour’, writes Carla Roberts, Momentum and what remains of the official Labour left beg Sir Keir for unity

Not time to party … yet

15 Sep 2022

Emil Jacobs of Communist Platform suggests that more preparation time is needed before there can be worthwhile unity. Certainly uniting around the call for arming Ukraine would be disastrous

No substitute needed

15 Sep 2022

American socialists in rapture over Enough is Enough want to avoid the hard work and clear political lines necessary to establish a revolutionary party, says Daniel Lazare

It’s the politics, stupid

15 Sep 2022

The left needs to break with economism and take the monarchy and high politics seriously. We should be fighting for a federal republic and extreme democracy, argues James Harvey

Follow the UK example

01 Sep 2022

Shuvu Bhattarai upholds Enough is Enough as a model which socialists in the US ought to emulate. He sees it rapidly developing “into a mass working people’s party” built around basic bread and butter economic demands

Looking to the right

07 Jul 2022

Andrew Byrne reports on the impressions of the target audience and the centre-stage given to Gilbert Achcar and Jeremy Corbyn

Summer of discontent

30 Jun 2022

Workers in other unions have been inspired by the RMT. James Harvey argues for coordination, unity and political organisation that goes beyond Labourism

Totally in control

11 Nov 2021

The central committee is looking forward to yet another conference without a peep of opposition from the rank and file. Peter Manson reports on the first of three internal bulletins

Feeding the revolving door

04 Nov 2021

Andrew Byrne, Gerald Wiley and Derek James report on an all too carefully choreographed event staged by the Socialist Appeal comrades

False dichotomy

29 Jul 2021

Ollie Douglas reviews 'Marxism and intersectionality: race, gender, class and sexuality under contemporary capitalism' by AJ Bohrer

Grappling with the party question

13 Sep 2018

Mike Macnair looks at two very different documents from two very different organisations

May 68 to colour revolutions

31 May 2018

The left has used the May 68 événements as evidence for a distorted concept of revolution, argues Mike Macnair. By doing so it has even endorsed ‘revolutions’ in the service of reaction. This is an edited version of a talk given to the May 27 London Communist Forum

Why revive a stinking corpse?

15 Feb 2018

Jack Conrad questions the worth of the ‘Labour4Clause4’ campaign being promoted by Socialist Appeal. Instead of fostering illusions in Fabian socialism, surely the task of Marxists is to win the Labour Party to Marxist socialism

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