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Wide open for the class

19 Apr 2012

What is class-consciousness? Paul B Smith discusses the possibility of a political revival

Clean breaks and clear principles

03 Aug 2023

Today’s left largely misunderstands and therefore misrepresents Clara Zetkin’s contribution to the politics of Marxism. Ben Lewis provides an excerpt from the introduction to a newly translated pamphlet

A year of strikes

22 Jun 2023

We must go beyond Labourism. Kevin Bean assesses the upsurge in trade union action and its limitations

Blame the system itself

11 May 2023

Self-defence is no offence, insists Daniel Lazare. The death of Jordan Neely was an avoidable tragedy

We cause offence

23 Mar 2023

Following the lead of the liberal bourgeoisie, the dominant section of the left takes a ‘free speech, but ...’ approach. Jack Conrad defends the unrestricted right to organise, strike, assemble … and speak

A tale of two phrases

09 Mar 2023

What did Marx mean by the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’? Marc Mulholland thinks the answer is closely bound up with ‘permanent revolution’

Barking at the moon

02 Feb 2023

Ignoring the huge catalogue of articles, speeches and resolutions, Daniel Lazare accuses Moshé Machover and the CPGB of silence when it comes to class politics in the context of Israel-Palestine

Centrality of involvement

02 Feb 2023

In light of the mass upsurge in Iran sparked by protests against the hijab, Yassamine Mather asked Anne McShane to speak about the lessons of history, in particular the fight against bourgeois feminism in the Second International and the role of Bolshevik women in Russia

SUPPLEMENT: The general strike and classical Marxism

04 Aug 2022

Take it back from them

07 Jul 2022

As everyone knows, Pride began as a radical protest march, but has long been taken over by big business. Eddie Ford warns against the logic of sectionalism

Parliamentary and everyday sexism

05 May 2022

The current furore has produced a morally outraged cross-party consensus, but the last thing we need is yet more investigations, judge-led enquiries, quangos and powers to suspend or expel MPs, says James Harvey

Working women find a voice

10 Mar 2022

Anne McShane looks at 'Rabotnitsa', first published by the Bolsheviks on February 23 1914 to mark International Women’s Day

No change of line

20 Jan 2022

Mike Macnair responds to Daniel Lazare on BDS, the Israel Jewish working class and the necessity of opposing the witch-hunt

Heroes and villains

20 Jan 2022

Lawrence Parker reviews 'The chronology of revolution: communism, culture, and civil society in twentieth-century Britain' by Ben Harker (University of Toronto Press, 2021, pp376, £63.99)

Something serious is needed

16 Dec 2021

It is clear that Tony Greenstein has abandoned any pretence of adhering to class politics: that is, the class politics of the working class. Jack Conrad defends the Marxist programme against those who advocate yet another broad-front halfway house

Not a liquidation?

09 Dec 2021

Abandoning any pretence of class politics, Tony Greenstein defends what he calls the ‘merger’ of LAW and LIEN and advocates yet another ‘transitional’ halfway-house broad front

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