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Socialise, not criminalise youth

12 Jun 2008

Carey Davies examines state proscription and media demonising

For a fighting, democratic NUS

31 Jan 2008

Communist Students member Chris Strafford is standing for the NUS executive 'block of 12'. This is his election manifesto

Fudge in the coffee shop

31 Jan 2008

Ken Crisp looks at the failure of the left to agree a united slate for elections to the NUS executive

Reject compulsory education to 18

24 Jan 2008

Jim Moody argues for full adult rights at 16, including the right to leave full-time education

Demands to win youth

24 Jan 2008

Discussing an essential component of our programme, CPGB comrades recently teased out some of the questions around the approach to youth. Jim Moody reports

Incitement to fudge

20 Dec 2007

Discussions aimed at a united left slate for the National Union of Students executive are already degenerating into curious squabbles. James Turley looks at the issues

Bleak white paper

01 Nov 2007

The White paper on NUS governance in brief

Fight for NUS democracy

01 Nov 2007

If the left wants to defeat the NUS bureaucracy in its attempt to abolish the last vestiges of democracy in the student union, our campaign against the attacks must say more than just 'no'. Communist Students member Tina Becker reports

Passing exams and changing the rules

13 Sep 2007

All students should read Bertell Ollman's How to take an exam and remake the world (Black Rose Books), says Benjamin Edgar Klein

More of the same

13 Sep 2007

Around 100 students gathered at London's School of Oriental and African Studies on Saturday September 8 for what was billed as a student Stop the War "conference". Nick Jones reports

Idols and demons

13 Sep 2007

In the saga surrounding Madeleine McCann, the British media is trying to convince us that the nuclear family is the one remaining haven in a cold world and that the Portuguese police, not being British, must be somehow uniquely incompetent or corrupt. Eddie Ford comments

Wanted - working class morality

06 Sep 2007

Eddie Ford comments on the murder of 11-year-old Rhys Jones in Liverpool

SWP "relative autonomy"

25 May 2007

James Turley reviews Alex Callinico's Universities in a neoliberal world (Bookmarks, 2006, pp41, ?2)

Skinheads and solidarity

25 May 2007

Brett Reid reviews This is England, in which director director Shane Meadows has attempted to bring back to life the progressive side of skinhead culture

Communist Students

05 Apr 2007

Right tightens grip

05 Apr 2007

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