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Günter Grass and the German neurosis

19 Apr 2012

Maciej Zurowski looks at a literary scandal and the bourgeoisie's attempt to cope with its past

Breaking free of their mindset

16 May 2024

Mike Belbin reviews Percival Everett James, Mantle (panmacmillan.com) 2024, pp320, £20

Messiahs and money men

28 Mar 2024

Harley Filben reviews Denis Villeneuve (director) Dune: part two 2024, general release

Doctoring the princess

21 Mar 2024

Kate Middleton’s photo fiasco casts an unflattering light on the relationship between the crown and the press, argues Paul Demarty

Grim fate awaits him

18 Jan 2024

Julian Assange’s imminent extradition draws a line under the idea of the internet as an untameable new frontier, argues Paul Demarty

Monarchy and mystery

07 Dec 2023

Omid Scobie’s book suggests that the king may be a racist. Why wouldn’t he be? asks Paul Demarty

A curse on free speech

09 Nov 2023

They want to stop us marching, they want to stop us protesting. The censoriousness of government ministers exposes the limits of free expression under capitalism, argues Paul Demarty

Declaring moral bankruptcy

02 Nov 2023

Our leaders cannot justify Israel’s war on the Palestinians, writes Paul Demarty, so they slander protestors and try to suppress dissent in their own ranks

Elon Musk’s Twitterdämmerung

13 Jul 2023

The flashy launch of Threads demonstrates the web’s tendency towards monopoly, argues Paul Demarty

Patterns, prejudices and interests

25 May 2023

It can be fun to discover the limits of chatbots, says Yassamine Mather, but democratic control is vital. AI will be used as a weapon in the class war

A tale of two liars

18 May 2023

Despite the court judgment over defamation and sexual assault, he has come roaring back with a triumphant CNN ‘town hall’ performance. But, argues Daniel Lazare, the liberal bourgeois media is no more reliable than Trump’s fact-free claims

Kinesics of defiance

11 May 2023

Open rejection of the coronation circus from Charles’s mischievous subjects are a reminder that the image of Britain as overwhelmingly pro-monarchy is a lie, hurrahs Paul Demarty

A manufactured illusion

04 May 2023

Today’s monarchy is not a precious inheritance dating back to the Saxons. It is a product of the mass media, argues Paul Demarty

Victory for pundits’ union

16 Mar 2023

The BBC’s brief ‘free speech’ war with Gary Lineker shows up its own institutional weakness - and the strange moral situation of football itself - argues Paul Demarty

Farewell to an inspiration

26 Jan 2023

Obituary: Gustav (Schlacke) Lamche, director and producer for Cinema Action, August 25 1933-January 15 2023

Armbands and alienation

01 Dec 2022

With the competition now well under way, Paul Demarty examines the clash between soft-focus liberalism and Qatari feudal values

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