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Socialise, not criminalise youth

12 Jun 2008

Carey Davies examines state proscription and media demonising

Rotherham: A systemic failure

04 Sep 2014

The Rotherham sexual abuse scandal reveals profound weaknesses in bourgeois society’s treatment of vulnerable people, writes Paul Demarty

Gove, but not forgotten

04 Sep 2014

Though demoted within the cabinet, Michael Gove’s programme for education continues. Mikey Coulter assesses the ‘revolution’ in education

NUS: Left in the basement

17 Apr 2014

Communist Students were stirring things up at this year's conference of the National Union of Students

For working class education

10 Apr 2014

Freedom is just another word for increased statisation, writes Christina Black

Fighting for Marxism

04 Apr 2014

Communist Students member Robert Hayes outlines the platform he is standing on for the National Union of Students ‘block of 15’

Harriet Harman: More manufactured hysteria

06 Mar 2014

As the Daily Mail smears Labour MPs for links to paedophiles - Paul Demarty wonders whether it doth protest too much

Debate: Don’t abolish: reform

20 Feb 2014

The CPGB’s position on age-of-consent laws is self-contradictory, writes Ian Donovan

Youth: We don’t want an easy ride

05 Dec 2013

Following the Left Unity founding conference, Preston organiser and Communist Platform supporter Robert Hayes asks what attitude the left should take to the role of youth

Left Unity: Playing it safe

12 Sep 2013

Everyone involved in producing Left Unity’s proposed ‘safe space’ policy should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, argues Paul Demarty

Porn and crime: Causative or correlative link?

06 Jun 2013

In the wake of the April Jones case Christina Black looks at the role, or not, of 'violent' and 'hardcore' porn in violent crime and murder, and the ensuing media moral panic

Youth: A rounded view of sexuality

30 May 2013

Do children need to be protected from pornography? Christina Black looks at the latest official report

Student manifesto: Taking a stand for communism

14 Mar 2013

Manifesto of Callum Williamson for University of Westminster Student Union

Zizek review: Going ‘beyond Marx’ - or regressing?

28 Feb 2013

Callum Williamson reviews: Slavoj Zizek, 'The year of dreaming dangerously'. Verso, 2012, pp142, £7.99

Ukip fostering row: Who’s fit to be a parent?

29 Nov 2012

If members of ‘mainstream’ parties should not be barred from fostering, asks Eddie Ford, what about us ‘extremists’?

BBC crisis: Child abuse and desperate diversions

22 Nov 2012

Sections of the bourgeois press are attempting to conceal their own crisis by hammering the BBC, writes Paul Demarty

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