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Racism as thoughtcrime

05 Apr 2012

In the light of the jailing of Liam Stacey for making racist comments on twitter about footballer and recent heart attack victim Fabrice Muamba , Paul Demarty takes a look at official ant-racism and the attitude of Marxists.

Zionism needs anti-Semitism

23 Nov 2023

John Hagee’s turn as a key speaker caused much liberal consternation - he is, after all, a notorious anti‑Semite. Daniel Lazare comments on the aftermath of the huge pro-Israel demonstration in Washington DC

Anti-Semitism and other lies

16 Nov 2023

Accusations against the Palestinian solidarity movement of hating Jews qua Jews are obvious nonsense, says Paul Demarty. Many Jews support the Palestinian cause and are welcomed and cheered

Genocide in Gaza

26 Oct 2023

Electricity cut off, no petrol, an absence of drinkable water, together with grotesquely reduced healthcare, all point in one direction, warns Ian Spencer

Heading for the rocks

12 Oct 2023

Hand-picked advisors and no power. The Voice referendum offers no solution when it comes to Aboriginal rights, argues Martin Greenfield

Biden’s sinking ship

12 Oct 2023

The greater the disarray, the greater the odds that Trump will return to the White House. Daniel Lazare charts the administration’s self-inflicted woes and the necessity of breaking with the Democrats

Still getting it wrong

28 Sep 2023

Diane Abbott has finally spoken out on Labour’s ‘fraudulent’ disciplinary process. But, asks Carla Roberts, is Sir Keir’s refusing to allow her to stand as a Labour candidate the result of racism?

Elephant in the room

21 Sep 2023

It is Zionism, not anti-Zionism, that is joined to anti-Semitism. Tony Greenstein calls out the CPB’s resident Zionist, Mary Davis

Forms of popular frontism

14 Sep 2023

Repeating calls for ‘no platforming’, calls to line up behind reactionary nationalists are, argues Mike Macnair, modern forms of madness. We favour free speech

Placing anti-Semitism in context

07 Sep 2023

Supposedly demanding free speech for everyone is mere infatuation. Tony Greenstein defends David Miller and upholds no-platforming as a fundamental principle

Anti-Semitism of useful idiots

31 Aug 2023

We need a principled defence of free speech and a firm grasp of geo-strategic realities. Mike Macnair discusses the case of David Miller

No call for staying calm

20 Jul 2023

Paul Russell looks back at the disgusting record of police savagery and gives his take on the challenges faced by the left in the next presidential election

Cross-party yellow peril

20 Jul 2023

Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee has produced a lurid account of the challenge represented by China. Mike Macnair argues that the UK is playing catch-up with the US hegemon

Silence on the alternative

13 Jul 2023

Crimes, prejudice and sheer incompetence give added weight to the traditional republican slogan of a people’s militia, argues Mike Macnair. So why is the left so reluctant to make the call?

Enemies of the people

06 Jul 2023

Kevin Bean asks why delays, objections and challenges to the Illegal Migration Bill are far from unwelcome to the Tories

Cost of Fortress Europe

22 Jun 2023

Those who horrifically drowned off the Greek coast were fleeing intolerable conditions. Eddie Ford argues for free movement, citizenship rights and effective trade unions

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