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Regulation has failed

04 Apr 2024

Gambling and swindling on a colossal scale. Hedge funds and bitcoin exchanges should be closed down, demands Michael Roberts

Staring at an electoral drubbing

05 Oct 2023

Peddling conspiracy theories, bashing the EU, migrants and the undeserving poor - no wonder Nigel Farage loved it. But, writes Eddie Ford, this year’s Tory conference was dominated by one issue: HS2

Sex, lies and celebrity

28 Sep 2023

Sexual misconduct is inseparable from celebrity culture and the capitalist media apparatus. But, asks Paul Demarty, can Russell Brand ever get a fair trial?

New faces on the final frontier

31 Aug 2023

India has joined the club of states to have landed spacecraft on the moon - a matter of geopolitics rather than scientific endeavour, suggests Paul Demarty


31 Aug 2023

This is no time for degrowth, green reductionism or confining our ambitions to mere custodianship of nature, argues Daniel Lazare