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Socialise, not criminalise youth

12 Jun 2008

Carey Davies examines state proscription and media demonising

A good beginning

28 Sep 2006

Ted North explains what Communist Students, the newly established national organisation sponsored by the CPGB, has been up to

Signing up

21 Sep 2006

Dave Isaacson reports about Communist Students' first activities

Launch of Communist Students

14 Sep 2006

Mary Godwin reports from the September 9 aggregate of CPGB members. On the agenda: student politics, our perspectives for the coming period and leadership elections

Political strategy needed

23 Mar 2006

The National Union of Students holds its three-day annual conference starting on Tuesday March 28. Dave Isaacson, a delegate from Leeds Metropolitan University student union, looks at the left, NUS and student politics

Victims and victimisers

19 Jan 2006

Eddie Ford takes a look at the latest round of hysteria over 'nonces' and 'perverts' in the educational system

State of emergency against youth revolt

10 Nov 2005

While France explodes, the left pontificates. Peter Manson exposes the narrow-mindedness of economism

Ways to protest

29 Jan 2004

Blair is obsessed with introducing tution fees, writes Phil Hamilton

Education for all, not the few

29 Jan 2004

Ben Lewis on the need for a united communist party for an effective fightback against the neo-liberalisation of education

Back to the future

15 Jan 2004

Blair is looking increasingly unstable and is on the right track to alienate all but his most ardent acolytes, says Phil Hamilton

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