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Socialise, not criminalise youth

12 Jun 2008

Carey Davies examines state proscription and media demonising

End of accountability

24 Mar 2016

Total academisation of schooling was always the logical next step, says Micky Coulter

Ugly truth about feeling ugly

03 Mar 2016

Our society encourages low self-esteem and unhealthy attitudes towards food, writes Commissaress - and the results are not pretty

Anti-Semitic smears employed by right

03 Mar 2016

The Labour left must get better organised, argues Gary Toms of Labour Party Marxists

How to leave your kid in a pub

04 Feb 2016

The government’s latest attempt to pretend it knows a thing or two about children is laughable, says Commissaress

Peace out, man

17 Dec 2015

The response of young people to the government’s decision to bomb Syria came as a welcome surprise to Commissaress

Bringing the bullies low

03 Dec 2015

The curious tale of Elliott Johnson tells us something about capitalist society, argues Paul Demarty

Students force ANC retreat

29 Oct 2015

The climbdown on university fees has left the SACP general secretary looking thoroughly compromised, reports Peter Manson

Where is the love?

22 Oct 2015

The liberal stance on free speech, immigration and internationalism is confusing everyone, says Commissaress

Kids and the alternative

01 Oct 2015

The perceptions most young people have of socialism are not like they were during the cold war days, says Commissaress: they’re worse

Gone too tsar

25 Jun 2015

How should ‘disruptive behaviour’ in schools be tackled? Mickey Coulter comments on the tendency to look to newly empowered bureaucrats for a solution

An education fit for human beings?

26 Feb 2015

Micky Coulter analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the LU policy

Social mobility, my arse

18 Dec 2014

Recent propaganda in favour of grammar schools is nonsense, says Micky Coulter

Playing on the fields of Eton

11 Dec 2014

The shadow education secretary has been accused of fighting the class war. Not true, says Micky Coulter, but Labour does have a class-based strategy

Child abuse: Adding insult to injury

30 Oct 2014

Theresa May’s decision to make Lady Woolf the new head of the child abuse inquiry could turn out to be deeply embarrassing, writes Eddie Ford

Oasis between bible groups

09 Oct 2014

Communists on campus are still swimming against the tide, reports Ben Lewis

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