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To save the planet, fight for a red world

03 Dec 2009

Capitalism is showing itself to be totally incapable of cutting back on carbon emissions, writes Eddie Ford

No quick fix

14 Apr 2022

Mimicking the sun and producing power using nuclear fusion has long been a dream and it appears that will be the case for a long time to come. Yassamine Mather explains

An unsafe technology

10 Mar 2022

Russian shelling near the Zaporizhzhia plant is a stark reminder of the inherently dangerous nature of nuclear power, warns Eddie Ford

Complex and chaotic

24 Feb 2022

It seems that freak weather events are becoming increasingly normal, writes Eddie Ford

Civilisation in jeopardy

13 Jan 2022

Extreme weather is becoming typical weather, writes Eddie Ford, and the cause is undeniable: capitalism

Danger of barbarism

09 Dec 2021

Invisible to the eye, viruses and bacteria make up a good percentage of the global biomass. They also shape history. HIV/STD specialist and Marxist Mohsen Shahmanesh discusses microbes and human society. This article is based on his talk to the November 28 Online Communist Forum

The past as future

25 Nov 2021

We must return to original communism, but on a higher level. Jack Conrad concludes his series of articles by questioning both brutish and romantic images of pre-modern society

On the dark side

18 Nov 2021

Jack Conrad explores the commonalities and connections between greenism and the right and far right

Sit down and plan it

11 Nov 2021

School students and young women have been in the forefront. Tam Dean Burn reports from the Glasgow marches and meetings

They will not deliver

11 Nov 2021

Market solutions are no solution. Michael Roberts castigates the sham, the hollowness of climate finance

Rebels without the means

11 Nov 2021

Jack Conrad takes a hard look at the demands, principles and inherent limits of Extinction Rebellion

History and hagiography

11 Nov 2021

Saints and sinners. Paul Demarty assesses the Greta Thunberg phenomenon

Greenism: a rough guide

04 Nov 2021

Jack Conrad explores the organisations, history, business models, aristocrats, royal agendas and class limits

Malthus painted green

28 Oct 2021

Are there too many people? Jack Conrad attacks crude overpopulation theories. They are more than useless: they are extraordinarily dangerous

A 2.7 degree wake-up call

28 Oct 2021

The UK government’s response is woefully inadequate. So keep your expectations about Cop26 really low, advises a worried Eddie Ford

Delusions of techno-fix

21 Oct 2021

Today’s capitalist politicians are unlikely to agree, let alone implement, the measures needed to stop runaway climate change. Jack Conrad argues that the fundamental problem lies at the level of the system itself. Nonetheless, as shown by the Soviet Union, more than the mere abolition of capitalism is needed. The associated producers must take control

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