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To save the planet, fight for a red world

03 Dec 2009

Capitalism is showing itself to be totally incapable of cutting back on carbon emissions, writes Eddie Ford

Tipping into the unknown

11 Apr 2024

Staggering temperature rises in the Antarctic should serve as an urgent warning, writes Eddie Ford

Spirit lives on still

21 Mar 2024

There was something approaching panic when George Galloway announced he was attending. David Douglass reports on this month’s commemoration in Doncaster marking the 40th anniversary of the Great Strike

Climate socialism and climate breakdown

15 Feb 2024

Despite global warming, the slowing down of the Amoc system would paradoxically see Britain much colder and wetter. But any solution to the climate crisis, writes Eddie Ford, must lie outside of capitalism

Record-breaking in the wrong way

04 Jan 2024

Storms, floods, drought and fire on an almost biblical scale presage social breakdown. It is socialism or barbarism, says Eddie Ford

Blowtorching the planet

07 Dec 2023

Despite carbon emissions hitting record highs, Cop28 has been yet another talking shop, writes Eddie Ford

Sahm recession to downturn

16 Nov 2023

There is a slowdown in productivity and world trade, and increased geopolitical rivalry, So, writes Michael Roberts, don’t expect increased growth

A living nightmare

27 Jul 2023

Frequent, intense and deadly wildfires are the inevitable result of record temperatures. But this is not simply down to us humans: the climate crisis is driven by capitalism, writes Eddie Ford

Death and the cabin

15 Jun 2023

Paul Demarty considers the life and death of Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. There are lessons for Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil and all who despair of majoritarian politics

Online Communist Forum

20 Apr 2023

Jack Conrad: 'Climate catastrophe and how to prevent it'

Ohio’s perfect storm

02 Mar 2023

Daniel Lazare warns that, with Trump skilfully championing poor whites, with weak trade unions and a ‘left’ intent on tailing Biden, the danger of a rightwing dictatorship grows

Fusion is no solution

26 Jan 2023

There has been much crowing over the recent breakthrough in nuclear technology. But Jack Conrad has his doubts about fusion being the ultimate terrestrial energy source

Hypocrisy, lies and disinformation

19 Jan 2023

Exxon long knew about the catastrophic effects of global warming, writes Eddie Ford. But they denied it, because what comes first is making money

Strategy, turns and dangers

12 Jan 2023

Run by a self-appointed elite, XR has ‘quit’ the tactic of disruption, much to the disapproval of the SWP. Eddie Ford comments

Dying of the planet

15 Dec 2022

The Montreal conference on biodiversity was always, predictably, heading towards failure, writes Eddie Ford. Because of the Capitalian, the sixth mass extinction of species is already upon us

Contradictions of capital itself

01 Dec 2022

Michael Roberts reviews Marx in the Anthropocene: towards the idea of degrowth communism by Kohei Saito (Cambridge University Press, 2022, pp300)

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