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World-historic defeat of women

19 Apr 2012

Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group examines myths about a supposed "primitive matriarchy"

The past as future

25 Nov 2021

We must return to original communism, but on a higher level. Jack Conrad concludes his series of articles by questioning both brutish and romantic images of pre-modern society

Great questions of our time

10 Sep 2020

Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group discusses David Graeber’s ideas and activism

To the dawn of humanity

28 Feb 2019

Arthur Bough defends his naturalistic reading of Marx’s labour theory of value

Preparing the final assault

17 Jan 2019

James Linney examines the fraud that is NHS England’s ‘long-term plan’

Chomsky divided

27 Sep 2018

Noam Chomsky is a world-famous linguist, cognitive scientist and social critic. But, argues Chris Knight, he keeps his science and politics in two separate mental departments

Contradiction and denial

08 Mar 2018

Noam Chomsky worked on weapons systems for the Pentagon, yet he consistently campaigned against militarism. Chris Knight looks at the controversy provoked by his own critique

Charities and purity politics

01 Mar 2018

As the Oxfam affair unfolds, Paul Demarty asks why the wave of sexual harassment scandals has given more ammunition to the right than the left

Understanding poststructuralism

11 Jan 2018

We need to debate the development of diverse ideas and movements in their historical context, both before and after 1968. Only then can Marxism recover and move forward, argues Rex Dunn

Offering a real cure

09 Nov 2017

Ending the current chronic underfunding would be just the first step in overcoming the NHS mental-healthcare crisis, writes James Linney

Six degrees of Harvey Weinstein

19 Oct 2017

What does the downfall of one of the film industry’s most powerful men tell us? Paul Demarty investigates

The social gradient

10 Aug 2017

Mike Belbin completes his series of articles on genetics, racism and human character

Heritability - biological and social

03 Aug 2017

In the third article of a four-part series Mike Belbin discusses ‘inherent character’. Today this is no longer ascribed as racial, but is put down to a person’s genes

Racialism and eugenics

27 Jul 2017

In the second article in a four-part series Mike Belbin looks at the many and varied classifications of race

Born loser: is destiny biological?

20 Jul 2017

Did the notion of biological superiority bite the dust following the racism of the Nazis? In this first article in a four-part series, Mike Belbin traces the reformulation of an ancient idea of human character

Reclaim the heritage

09 Feb 2017

Rex Dunn concludes his exploration of Marx’s concept of the human

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