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Quotas harm the cause

27 Feb 2014

The left should not succumb to neoliberalism’s phoney version of equality, argues Yassamine Mather

Further criminalising speech

18 Apr 2024

Tory opposition to the Scottish ‘hate crime’ act is about protecting their ‘traditional right’ to stir up hatred. Once it was Jews and Huguenots. Now it is illegal migrants, trans activists and marchers who oppose genocide in Gaza. But, asks Mike Macnair, what the hell is the SWP doing with its call for prosecutions?

Demography is destiny?

28 Sep 2023

Family, home and nation politicians gathered in Budapest to bemoan falling birth rates and rising levels of migration. Kevin Bean stands up for the political economy of the working class

Knavery and folly

08 Jun 2023

Mike Macnair considers the latest stage in the Tory culture-war campaign for freedom of (only) Conservative speech

Cancelling the dead

25 May 2023

Eric Gill’s Prospero and Ariel has been vandalised yet again. Mike Macnair looks at the politics of attacking soft targets

Disenchanted with the west

18 May 2023

Yassamine Mather gives her impressions of Turkey after 20 years of AKP rule and the evident failure of secularism from above

A tale of two liars

18 May 2023

Despite the court judgment over defamation and sexual assault, he has come roaring back with a triumphant CNN ‘town hall’ performance. But, argues Daniel Lazare, the liberal bourgeois media is no more reliable than Trump’s fact-free claims

Yet more lies

13 Apr 2023

The Tories are way behind in opinion polls and have therefore turned to culture war issues such as trans people and further curbing free speech. Mike Macnair eviscerates what passes for their arguments

Tailism cannot deliver

09 Mar 2023

By clearing away misconceptions and starting from our common class interests we can produce a workable approach. Mike Macnair concludes his series

Effective collectivity is key

02 Mar 2023

Mike Macnair argues that we all - not least trans people - need democratic decision-making to ensure common actions and common goals

How not to win arguments

23 Feb 2023

Counterfire is in upheaval over the trans issue. Paul Demarty calls for serious debate, not heresy-hunting

Gender, class and capitalism

23 Feb 2023

Mike Macnair argues that the emancipation of trans people requires the overthrow of bourgeois rule

Moving towards the positive

16 Feb 2023

Tory culture wars have deep roots and deadly consequences. Mike Macnair digs down into history and links the oppression of women and trans people

Clearing the ground

09 Feb 2023

Getting out of the ‘gender recognition’ trap requires breaking with the foundations of the arguments behind it, argues Mike Macnair

Centrality of involvement

02 Feb 2023

In light of the mass upsurge in Iran sparked by protests against the hijab, Yassamine Mather asked Anne McShane to speak about the lessons of history, in particular the fight against bourgeois feminism in the Second International and the role of Bolshevik women in Russia

Devolution non-recognition

02 Feb 2023

UK government uses the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill as an excuse to assert ministers’ right to micro-manage Holyrood legislation for Tory electoral advantage. Mike Macnair explores the issues

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