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Secularism is hostile to state religion, not religion

23 Feb 2012

Separation of church and state is a basic democratic demand bitterly resisted by the British establishment, writes Eddie Ford

Part of the establishment

21 Mar 2024

There are still those who look to Hezbollah and the opening of a second front to save the Gazan population from genocide. But the last thing Hezbollah wants is war with Israel, writes Yassamine Mather

Ten thousand years of sorrow

21 Mar 2024

Class exploitation and war go hand in hand. Jack Conrad explores origins, Greek warriors, Christian theology and the widely held idea that Marx and Engels urged the backing of the lesser evil

How to be an extremist

14 Mar 2024

Michael Gove and co seek to redefine ‘extremism’. Paul Demarty suggests that we should wear the label with pride

Where next for left?

07 Mar 2024

Are Jeremy Corbyn and George Galloway about to join forces? Carla Roberts takes a look at what is going on between these two reformist charlatans and the pending launch of yet another unprincipled lash-up - this time called Collective

Screaming blue murder

29 Feb 2024

Lee Anderson, Liz Truss and Suella Braverman are trying to further their despicable careers in the only way they know how, writes Paul Demarty: by hate-mongering against Muslims

Clear the smoke and mirrors

01 Feb 2024

Zionism relies on anti-Semitism and is itself a form of anti-Semitism. Thomas Suárez discusses the ability of the Israeli state to excuse its crimes and silence critics

All together against far right

25 Jan 2024

A secret meeting of a dozen abhorrent rightwingers has finally given the establishment a rod with which to beat the AfD, writes Carla Roberts

First, they came for …

25 Jan 2024

The ban on Hizb ut-Tahrir demonstrates that our rulers have no effective way to control the Gaza narrative other than by legally silencing critics, argues Paul Demarty

Not a religious war

04 Jan 2024

Daniel Lazare lumps Hamas together with the Zionists, argues Tony Greenstein. But socialists should unconditionally support the oppressed

Their Tolkien and ours

14 Dec 2023

Neo-fascist interpretations of JRR Tolkien’s works are resurgent - and understandable. But can the left make room in its culture for hobbits? Paul Demarty revisits The lord of the rings

A world turned upside-down

14 Dec 2023

Festivals of wild disorder symbolically assert human solidarity. Mike Macnair explores the history, ancient and modern, of a constantly reproduced Golden Age

ABCs of Muslim Brothers

30 Nov 2023

Three typologies, three stages, three martyrs. In the second of three articles, Jack Conrad investigates a highly variegated history of the organisation in Egypt

A Jewish crisis

02 Nov 2023

Zionism ≠ Judaism. Daniel Lazare looks at the effect that Israel’s oppression of Palestine is having on American Jews - as more and more of them join protests against the threat of genocide in Gaza

What you need to know about Hamas

19 Oct 2023

Eddie Ford looks at the history and politics of what is a deeply reactionary organisation and how we could win the battle of ideas

A year of defiance

21 Sep 2023

Despite countless protest demonstrations and at least 500 deaths the Islamic regime still clings to power. Yassamine Mather calls upon the left to think seriously about strategy, mass organisation and a party

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