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Socialise, not criminalise youth

12 Jun 2008

Carey Davies examines state proscription and media demonising

Safe space for Zionism

26 Jan 2023

The left should and will reject Rebecca Tuck’s report into ‘anti-Semitism’ - but our own errors make it hard to fight back, argues Paul Demarty

Indy2, strikes and boycotts

28 Jul 2022

Why are the ‘official communists’ in such a muddle over the SNP’s bid to hold a legal referendum on independence? James Harvey critiques the YCL’s gensec

Making anti-Zionism a crime

19 May 2022

Government attacks on the NUS for ‘anti-Semitism’ are part and parcel of a much wider political offensive, writes Eddie Ford

Sit down and plan it

11 Nov 2021

School students and young women have been in the forefront. Tam Dean Burn reports from the Glasgow marches and meetings

For your eyes only

12 Aug 2021

Paul Demarty assesses the dangers of Apple’s new surveillance measures against child sex abuse

Generation Left terrifies right

29 Jul 2021

Eddie Ford calls upon Marxists to take up the challenge to organise the socialist majority of young people

Handcuffed gates

11 Feb 2021

Students are resisting the academic cronies imposed on them by the Erdoğan regime. Esen Uslu reports

Blood, fire, death

04 Apr 2019

Review of ‘Lords of Chaos’, directed by Jonas Åkerlund and out on general release

Arms and the man

01 Mar 2018

The question of gun control is not as straightforward as it may appear, writes Mike Macnair

Poststructuralism and decline

23 Nov 2017

Rex Dunn argues that sexism within the left is not the root cause for the rise of political correctness and identity politics

The negative-sum internet

26 Oct 2017

Paul Demarty reviews: Angela Nagle, Kill all normies: the online culture wars from Tumblr and 4chan to the alt-right and Trump, Zero Books, 2017, pp120, £9.99

A new generation

06 Jul 2017

After Saturday’s inspiring demonstration, Peter Manson asks what the next steps should be

Taking an independent stand

26 Jan 2017

The election of Donald Trump has torn up the political rulebook - a reality that protestors must confront, argues Jim Grant

Protecting the guilty

08 Dec 2016

As with Jimmy Savile, writes Eddie Ford, the sex abuse scandal reflects unequal power relations in society

Defend founding principles

24 Nov 2016

Ensure the enthusiasm for Corbyn is not wasted, urges medical archaeologist Robert Arnott

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