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Essentially human qualities

14 Mar 2024

Tam Dean Burn reviews Marx in London! by Jonathan Dove (director Stephen Barlow) Theatre Royal Glasgow, February 15-17, and Festival Theatre Edinburgh, February 22-24 - UK premieres

Hanging on the old barbed wire

09 Feb 2023

Jim Moody reviews All quiet on the western front, directed by Edward Berger (general release, 2022)

Truth must be silenced

09 Feb 2023

BBC2’s documentary about the 2002 Gujarat pogrom has caused a storm. Modi’s government and its friends abroad have made accusations of insensitivity, racism and colonial attitudes, reports Bill Goodridge

Free-trade imperialism

12 Jan 2023

Mike macnair reviews Promised lands: the British and the Ottoman Middle East by Jonathan Parry (Princeton University Press 2022, 453pp)

Going spare

12 Jan 2023

With the British establishment suffering a collective conniption, Paul Demarty says we republicans owe a small debt to the Californian prince

Forgotten gem retrieved

15 Dec 2022

Stan Keable reviews They won’t let you live by Simon Blumenfeld (introduction by Tali Chilson. London Books 2022, pp250)

Contradictions of capital itself

01 Dec 2022

Michael Roberts reviews Marx in the Anthropocene: towards the idea of degrowth communism by Kohei Saito (Cambridge University Press, 2022, pp300)

Trauma, terror, war and peace

03 Nov 2022

Jim Moody reviews Causeway (directed by Lila Neugebauer, distributor: Apple TV) and Butterfly vision (directed by Maksym Nakonechnyi, distributor: MUBI)

Give up on Starmer’s party

27 Oct 2022

Dave Vincent reviews Ten years hard Labour by Chris Williamson (Lola Books, 2022, pp406)

Onslaught on Labour left

13 Oct 2022

Kevin Bean reviews The Labour files, Al Jazeera Investigations, director Phil Rees (all four parts available on YouTube)

Collaboration with Nazism

11 Aug 2022

Gaby Rubin reviews Zionism during the holocaust: the weaponisation of holocaust memory in the service of state and nation by Tony Greenstein (2022, pp488)

State and philosophy

14 Jul 2022

Mike Macnair reviews Beyond Leviathan: critique of the state by István Mészáros (edited by John Bellamy Foster, Monthly Review Press, 2022, pp482, £18.76)

On a collision course

23 Jun 2022

Daniel Lazare reviews 'The avoidable war: the dangers of a catastrophic conflict between the US and Xi Jinping’s China' by Kevin Rudd (PublicAffairs Books, 2022, pp432, £17)

A disaster predicted

16 Jun 2022

Gaby Rubin reviews 'Dictating to the estate' written by Nathaniel McBride, directed by Lisa Goldman and Natasha Langridge, performed at the Maxilla Social Club

Enlightenment and pure joy

09 Jun 2022

Judy Carousian reviews 'Compass and Moshé Machover' by Helena Aksentijevic (YouTube, 2022)

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