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End the war on drugs

04 Nov 2010

Once again, science and capitalism's irrationality collide. Eddie Ford examines the latest study

Fun and punishment

16 Dec 2021

Crazily, the government wants to intensify the cruel and unwinnable ‘war on drugs’. Eddie Ford, on the other hand, wants to call it off and legalise all drugs

Drugs war bad

29 Apr 2021

With ever increasing numbers of desperate Latin American people fleeing for their lives, Daniel Lazare looks at those on the left who refuse to address the central problem

Honing and updating

28 Jan 2021

Vernon Price reports on last weekend’s membership aggregate and the three debates over programme

Corbyn misses a trick

13 Jun 2019

While Labour prioritises blocking a no-deal Brexit, writes Eddie Ford, it has failed to respond in a principled way to Tory confessions of drug use

Legalise cannabis

16 May 2019

The ‘war on drugs’ has very little to do with safeguarding the health of citizens, argues James Linney

Stand up for legalisation

21 Jun 2018

The Billy Caldwell case shows that the irrational drugs laws are all about policing people, not saving lives, argues Eddie Ford

Legalise them all

24 May 2018

James Linney condemns the timidity of Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott

Oxycontin is the opium of the masses

19 Apr 2018

James Linney looks at the American opioid crisis and the cynical role played by big pharma

Defend founding principles

24 Nov 2016

Ensure the enthusiasm for Corbyn is not wasted, urges medical archaeologist Robert Arnott

Theresa May delights drug dealers

09 Jun 2016

The ban on legal highs results from a moral panic with potentially fatal consequences, warns Eddie Ford

Drugs are not the problem

18 Feb 2016

Prohibiting legal highs marks an escalation in the crazy ‘war on drugs’, says Eddie Ford

Legalise the lot

11 Jun 2015

The Tories think it is a good idea to put a blanket ban on legal highs. Paul Demarty wants some of what they’re smoking

End the war on drugs

06 Nov 2014

Yet another report showing the harm done by anti-drug laws, writes Eddie Ford - and therefore destined to be ignored

Drugs: Stench of hypocrisy

03 Oct 2013

Prohibition is no answer, writes Eddie Ford

Latin America rebels against war on drugs

23 May 2013

Communists fight for the real ‘game-changer’, writes Eddie Ford - the legalisation of all drugs

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