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Socialise, not criminalise youth

12 Jun 2008

Carey Davies examines state proscription and media demonising

Whatever happened to student radicalism?

05 Apr 2007

The National Union of Students annual conference was held from March 27-29. Ben Lewis and Dave Isaacson report on the consolidation of rightwing control

Asset-strip raid

08 Mar 2007

Over 50 sixth form students at Riverside College, in Runcorn, Cheshire, last week reacted against the removal of IT facilities from the college. Ronnie Williams reports

Uphill battle

08 Mar 2007

David Sabbagh reports on the excellent result that Communist Students achieved in the University of Sheffield elections

Fountains and fireworks

01 Mar 2007

David Sabbagh and Laurie McCauley report from the University of Sheffield student union elections, where five members of Communist Students are standing for office

Not the happiest of days

01 Mar 2007

Eddie Ford comments on Britain's 'youth crisis' and says: stop criminalising youth

Left network launched

18 Jan 2007

Dave Isaacson reports on the January 13 launch conference of Socialist Youth Network, the Labour Representation Committee's youth organisation, at the University of London Union

No anti-communist witch-hunts

11 Jan 2007

Members of Communist Students have been banned from a new 'open' socialist youth organisation set up by supporters of the John McDonnell campaign. James Turley and Tina Becker report

CS conference debates way forward

14 Dec 2006

At the founding conference of Communist Students in Sheffield on Saturday December 9, some 20 comrades, most of them not members of the CPGB, were present. Ted North reports

Low-key rally

07 Dec 2006

Dave Isaacson reports from the so-called 'conference' of Student Respect, which attracted no more than 80 people - a reflection of the state of the organisation nationally

No strategy for free education

07 Dec 2006

Manchester warning

30 Nov 2006

The potential for Student Respect in alliance with the Federation of Student Islamic Societies to make a breakthrough in student politics - and the contradictory results this would have for political and social life on the campuses - has been illustrated by the spat on Manchester University's Student Direct. Emily Bransom reports

No resolutions, no democracy

30 Nov 2006

Dave Isaacson reports on the forthcoming 'conference' of Student Respect

No bans on christian fundamentalists

23 Nov 2006

James Turley reports on the bureaucratic attempt to ban Exeter university's christian student society

Secular schools, not religious indoctrination

02 Nov 2006

Communists fight for the equality of believers and non-believers, says Jim Moody

Go home and write to your MP

02 Nov 2006

The October 29 student demonstration against the further marketisation of higher education was uninspired and timid. Ben Lewis and Dave Isaacson report

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