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More bad climate news

12 Apr 2007

Jim Moody on the irrationality of carbon offsetting and carbon credits

Right tightens grip

05 Apr 2007

Communist Students

05 Apr 2007

Whatever happened to student radicalism?

05 Apr 2007

The National Union of Students annual conference was held from March 27-29. Ben Lewis and Dave Isaacson report on the consolidation of rightwing control

Being called a 'black bastard' should not be normal

15 Mar 2007

In a certain sense, the recent comments by the now disgraced Tory MP, Patrick Mercer, can be welcomed, says Eddie Ford

Uphill battle

08 Mar 2007

David Sabbagh reports on the excellent result that Communist Students achieved in the University of Sheffield elections

Asset-strip raid

08 Mar 2007

Over 50 sixth form students at Riverside College, in Runcorn, Cheshire, last week reacted against the removal of IT facilities from the college. Ronnie Williams reports

Space, the final frontier?

08 Mar 2007

Going to the moon and space travel and are back in the news, writes Jack Conrad. But the left would be daft to fall for the sci-fi hype

Fountains and fireworks

01 Mar 2007

David Sabbagh and Laurie McCauley report from the University of Sheffield student union elections, where five members of Communist Students are standing for office

Not the happiest of days

01 Mar 2007

Eddie Ford comments on Britain's 'youth crisis' and says: stop criminalising youth

Roots of modern morality

01 Mar 2007

Born into a wealthy family in Florence on May 3 1469, NiccolಠMachiavelli was educated in the classical tradition of his class. Later he developed close relations with the ruling elites both in Italy and other parts of Europe. He gained a profound insight into statecraft: how rulers rule. After the Medici family regained power in Florence in 1512, Machiavelli retired from political life and took up the pen. Most famous of all his books was The prince (Il principe) which was published five years after his death in 1527. It caused outrage amongst church circles and brought 'Machiavellian' into the popular lexicon - a pejorative term for one who deceives and manipulates others for personal gain. Gerry Downing seeks to put the record straight

An unsubstantiated sloppy mish-mash

22 Feb 2007

David Douglass reviews Ian Hernon's Riot (Pluto Press, 2006, pp320, £19.99)

Let them eat shit

15 Feb 2007

What does the outbreak of avian flu in Suffolk teach us about capitalist factory farming? Eddie Ford outlines a communist alternative

Socialism or catastrophe

08 Feb 2007

There is no solution to global warming under capitalism, says Jim Moody in response to the UN report on the issue

The sigh of the oppressed

01 Feb 2007

Gerry Downing looks at the origins of monotheism and assesses the attitude of communists towards believers