Society & Culture

Günter Grass and the German neurosis

19 Apr 2012

Maciej Zurowski looks at a literary scandal and the bourgeoisie's attempt to cope with its past

On the dark side

18 Nov 2021

Jack Conrad explores the commonalities and connections between greenism and the right and far right

Sit down and plan it

11 Nov 2021

School students and young women have been in the forefront. Tam Dean Burn reports from the Glasgow marches and meetings

They will not deliver

11 Nov 2021

Market solutions are no solution. Michael Roberts castigates the sham, the hollowness of climate finance

No saving graces

11 Nov 2021

Tony Greenstein reviews 'Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis: what the left got wrong and how to learn from it' by David Renton (Routledge, 2021, pp230, £19.99)

Rebels without the means

11 Nov 2021

Jack Conrad takes a hard look at the demands, principles and inherent limits of Extinction Rebellion

All workers lose out

11 Nov 2021

With the Democrats going downhill fast, Daniel Lazare looks at the role played by ‘critical race theory’

History and hagiography

11 Nov 2021

Saints and sinners. Paul Demarty assesses the Greta Thunberg phenomenon

Bitter fruit of imperialism

04 Nov 2021

Islamist jihadism is a modern, not an ancient, phenomenon. Yassamine Mather looks at causes, social roots and terrible consequences

Greenism: a rough guide

04 Nov 2021

Jack Conrad explores the organisations, history, business models, aristocrats, royal agendas and class limits

Malthus painted green

28 Oct 2021

Are there too many people? Jack Conrad attacks crude overpopulation theories. They are more than useless: they are extraordinarily dangerous

A 2.7 degree wake-up call

28 Oct 2021

The UK government’s response is woefully inadequate. So keep your expectations about Cop26 really low, advises a worried Eddie Ford

Long march of censorship

28 Oct 2021

Paul Demarty looks at recent attacks on free speech in the name of combatting offence, real or imagined

Delusions of techno-fix

21 Oct 2021

Today’s capitalist politicians are unlikely to agree, let alone implement, the measures needed to stop runaway climate change. Jack Conrad argues that the fundamental problem lies at the level of the system itself. Nonetheless, as shown by the Soviet Union, more than the mere abolition of capitalism is needed. The associated producers must take control

Prince over the water

14 Oct 2021

The takeover of Newcastle United by Saudi Arabia’s MBS highlights the contradictory position of fans in modern football, says Paul Demarty

The wealth of nature

14 Oct 2021

There are still those who merely offer a mirror image of bourgeois ideology, with the claim that workers create all the wealth. Jack Conrad argues that nature more than contributes: it is primary

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