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No bans on christian fundamentalists

23 Nov 2006

James Turley reports on the bureaucratic attempt to ban Exeter university's christian student society

Sex and the human revolution

23 Nov 2006

Socialist Worker has begun a series of articles by Sally Campbell. They purport to explain the origins of women's oppression. However, there exists an obvious lacuna in her account. If women became unfree, when and how did they become free? Camilla Power of the Radical Anthropology Group insists that sex played a big role in the human revolution - a taboo subject for the SWP

Absolutely insane

16 Nov 2006

Simon Wells reviews Helen Caldicott's book Nuclear power is not the answer, New Press, 2006, pp221, £13.99

Go home and write to your MP

02 Nov 2006

The October 29 student demonstration against the further marketisation of higher education was uninspired and timid. Ben Lewis and Dave Isaacson report

Behind the red flag

02 Nov 2006

Lawrence Parker takes a closer look at the artist Ken Loach

Secular schools, not religious indoctrination

02 Nov 2006

Communists fight for the equality of believers and non-believers, says Jim Moody

Development needed

02 Nov 2006

Fiddling while planet Earth burns

02 Nov 2006

Simon Wells reviews George Monbiot's Heat: how to stop the planet burning Penguin, 2006, pp276, £17.99

Change and climate inseparable

02 Nov 2006

Climate change and the necessity of communism

02 Nov 2006

No to market solutions. Jack Conrad explains why capitalism is the problem

The limits of green politics

26 Oct 2006

Green politics have caught on in a big way. Jack Conrad explores their contours, limitations and contradictions

Victims or workers?

19 Oct 2006

At its October 7-8 conference, the Scottish Socialist Party opposed the unionisation of sex workers and agreed to support legislation for the sex industry only if it is "designed to eradicate prostitution". For the SSP, the liberation of sex workers must be delivered from above. Ana Lopes of the International Sex Workers Union believes differently

A good beginning

28 Sep 2006

Ted North explains what Communist Students, the newly established national organisation sponsored by the CPGB, has been up to

The power of reason and the market

28 Sep 2006

Simon Wells is not impressed by the market solutions to climate change advocated by Al Gore in Davis Guggenheim's film An inconvenient truth

Benedict XVI and the struggle for Europe

21 Sep 2006

There is more to the pope's Regensburg speech than a crude attack on islam. Jack Conrad investigates