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Günter Grass and the German neurosis

19 Apr 2012

Maciej Zurowski looks at a literary scandal and the bourgeoisie's attempt to cope with its past

Demography is destiny?

28 Sep 2023

Family, home and nation politicians gathered in Budapest to bemoan falling birth rates and rising levels of migration. Kevin Bean stands up for the political economy of the working class

Still getting it wrong

28 Sep 2023

Diane Abbott has finally spoken out on Labour’s ‘fraudulent’ disciplinary process. But, asks Carla Roberts, is Sir Keir’s refusing to allow her to stand as a Labour candidate the result of racism?

Sex, lies and celebrity

28 Sep 2023

Sexual misconduct is inseparable from celebrity culture and the capitalist media apparatus. But, asks Paul Demarty, can Russell Brand ever get a fair trial?

A year of defiance

21 Sep 2023

Despite countless protest demonstrations and at least 500 deaths the Islamic regime still clings to power. Yassamine Mather calls upon the left to think seriously about strategy, mass organisation and a party

Elephant in the room

21 Sep 2023

It is Zionism, not anti-Zionism, that is joined to anti-Semitism. Tony Greenstein calls out the CPB’s resident Zionist, Mary Davis

Forms of popular frontism

14 Sep 2023

Repeating calls for ‘no platforming’, calls to line up behind reactionary nationalists are, argues Mike Macnair, modern forms of madness. We favour free speech

Placing anti-Semitism in context

07 Sep 2023

Supposedly demanding free speech for everyone is mere infatuation. Tony Greenstein defends David Miller and upholds no-platforming as a fundamental principle

New faces on the final frontier

31 Aug 2023

India has joined the club of states to have landed spacecraft on the moon - a matter of geopolitics rather than scientific endeavour, suggests Paul Demarty


31 Aug 2023

This is no time for degrowth, green reductionism or confining our ambitions to mere custodianship of nature, argues Daniel Lazare

Anti-Semitism of useful idiots

31 Aug 2023

We need a principled defence of free speech and a firm grasp of geo-strategic realities. Mike Macnair discusses the case of David Miller

Blood on their hands

10 Aug 2023

Ian Spencer examines the infected blood scandal. A tale of political incompetence, corporate greed, imperialism and extreme poverty

Double standards on show

27 Jul 2023

While the morality police are back on patrol, top figures in the regime are renowned for preaching one thing and doing another, writes Yassamine Mather

A living nightmare

27 Jul 2023

Frequent, intense and deadly wildfires are the inevitable result of record temperatures. But this is not simply down to us humans: the climate crisis is driven by capitalism, writes Eddie Ford

No call for staying calm

20 Jul 2023

Paul Russell looks back at the disgusting record of police savagery and gives his take on the challenges faced by the left in the next presidential election

Cross-party yellow peril

20 Jul 2023

Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee has produced a lurid account of the challenge represented by China. Mike Macnair argues that the UK is playing catch-up with the US hegemon

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