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Cameron repositions

05 Oct 2006

Jim Moody analyses the 20th century's most successful election machine - the Conservative Party

Only democracy can fully meet needs

28 Sep 2006

The National Health Service is unsafe in New Labour hands, says Jim Moody

100 years hard labour?

28 Sep 2006

Mike Macnair reviews Graham Bash and Andrew Fisher: 100 years of Labour (London 2006, pp80, £4). Available from

Build support for McDonnell

28 Sep 2006

As the Labour Party conference comes to an end, Graham Bash of Labour Left Briefing calls for the leadership contest to be linked to the fight for a fundamental change of direction

Time for politics

28 Sep 2006

Peter Manson reports from the September 23 'Time to go' demonstration in Manchester

Capitalist logic and NHS Logistics

21 Sep 2006

Privatisation of the whole of the national health service may not be on the cards just yet. But an important part of it is to be privatised in a few days. Jim Moody reports

No space left of Labour

21 Sep 2006

The John McDonnell campaign marks a significant change, argues Owen Jones of the Labour Representation Committee and Socialist Youth Network

Fight on two fronts

21 Sep 2006

Much of the left is taking a simplistic and unprincipled approach to Iran, writes Mehdi Kia, co-editor of Iran Bulletin - Middle East Forum. It is essential to oppose not only imperialist threats, but also the islamic regime, which continues to suppress a whole range of democratic and working class movements from below

Fact and fictions

14 Sep 2006

Each year on September 16 Welsh nationalists celebrate 'Owain Glyndwr day'. Bob Davies looks at the myths surrounding the 'the last genuine Prince of Wales'

Fight for what we need and for democracy

14 Sep 2006

Carey Davies and Sachin Sharma report from the launch rally for John McDonnell's bid for the Labour Party leadership

Iran's workers need support

07 Sep 2006

Iran's president Ahmadinejad is a defender of neoliberalism, says Yassamine Mather

Poles apart, or workers' unity?

07 Sep 2006

Ewa Jasiewicz is a Transport and General Workers Union organiser in the north-west with particular responsibility for the recruitment of Polish migrant workers. She spoke to Peter Manson

The determination of revolution

31 Aug 2006

Jack Conrad discusses strategy and contrasts Scottish national socialism with the communist demand for national self-determination

British duality and the class struggle

10 Aug 2006

National consciousness is complex. As Jack Conrad shows, British national consciousness is particularly complex, being at the same time English, Scottish and Welsh. It also involves class and class struggle

Not oppressed but a joint oppressor

03 Aug 2006

Was Scotland subject to a takeover by England in 1707? Does Scotland suffer from English cultural imperialism? Jack Conrad questions some more left nationalist myths and assumptions