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Dead Russians

12 Mar 2009

Jack Conrad defends Lenin and Trotsky, and issues a health warning about Arthur Scargill, George Galloway, Robert Griffiths and others who want to forget, belittle or maintain silence over the crimes of Stalin

Lamb dressed as mutton

18 Mar 2021

Lawrence Parker reviews 'A centenary for socialism: Britain’s Communist Party 1920-2020' by the Communist Party of Britain, edited by Mary Davis

Stalin as historian

23 Jul 2020

David Brandenberger has painstakingly studied the writing and editing of the famous Short course. Khrushchev’s account of Stalin simply wanting to feed his own personality cult is badly misleading

Marx’s vision

08 Aug 2019

In his second article, Nick Rogers concludes that there is no basis in the writing of Marx for Lenin’s schema of socialism and communism. Marx wrote no blueprints for how the future society should be organised.

Lenin’s misreading of Marx

02 Aug 2019

In the first of a two-part article, Nick Rogers claims that Lenin’s "The state and revolution" introduced the concept of socialism and communism as two different forms of post-capitalist society. His contention is that this established a “framework” that in the 20th century was abused to “justify Stalinist practice”.

Reclaiming democratic centralism

23 May 2019

One of the major issues raised by the Renewal Faction of America’s now liquidated ISO was the managerial regime that underpins the Cliffite tradition internationally. But there is bureaucratic centralism and democratic centralism. Mike Macnair continues his investigation

Commitment and collectivity

28 Feb 2019

René Gimpel continues his examination of the conflict between Jean-Paul Sartre’s political and philosophical passions

Individualism or class struggle?

21 Feb 2019

René Gimpel examines the philosophical and political development of Jean-Paul Sartre, and his fraught relationship with the French Communist Party

Stalinophiles and ignoramuses

24 Jan 2019

Rex Dunn examines a selection of fiction that deals with Stalinism and anti-Stalinism

Not social democracy

27 Sep 2018

Jack Conrad argues that the SACP is best understood in terms of ‘official communism’ and a tradition that dates back to the 7th Congress of Comintern

The place of the Soviet Union in history

16 Aug 2018

The USSR was neither a new type of capitalism nor a 'degenerate' socialism, but a freakish new social system, argues Jack Conrad

Into the swamp

12 Jul 2018

Review of Yuri Slezkine's 'The house of government: a saga of the Russian Revolution'. Princeton University Press, 2017, pp1096, £30

Trotskyism and May 1968

14 Jun 2018

It was the role of Stalinism that prevented revolution, insists Rex Dunn

From the mouths of the women

29 Mar 2018

Rex Dunn reviews Svetlana Alexievich The unwomanly face of war Penguin Classics, 2017, pp351, £12.99

Zuma on the brink

08 Feb 2018

Cyril Ramaphosa now looks set to become president a year earlier than scheduled, writes Peter Manson

In the footsteps of Lenin

21 Sep 2017

The official CPGB’s leading theoretician, Rajani Palme Dutt, followed the example of Lenin when assessing the reputation of Karl Kautsky, writes Lawrence Parker

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