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Europe's mutual suicide pact

19 Jan 2012

Austerity plans pursued by European governments are proving to be self-defeating, writes Eddie Ford

Back to the past - again

21 Oct 2021

James Harvey looks at the latest round in the Brexit saga and asks where it might all be heading

A disaster foretold

07 Oct 2021

HGV drivers, petrol, empty supermarket shelves - Britain’s dependence on global supply chains has been badly exposed. Paul Demarty investigates

From G7 to D11

17 Jun 2021

Carbis Bay was more about creating a US-led anti-Chinese alliance than vaccinating the world or saving the planet, maintains Eddie Ford

A post-Covid-19 reckoning

17 Jun 2021

Despite the presence of social democrats in his government, Mario Draghi is more than willing to preside over an anti-working class offensive, writes Toby Abse

Promises, losers and threats

10 Jun 2021

The G7 summit is going to see a reassertion of American hegemony. But, asks Eddie Ford, will this really mean a return of the social democratic consensus?

Strategic rivalries remain

27 May 2021

Daniel Lazare says ending tensions with Russia will take more than discarding opposition to Nord Stream 2

Theatre of revolution

20 May 2021

While the March on Rome was significant, writes David Broder, the active collaboration of the Italian ruling class with the fascists was central

No reliance on Good Friday

29 Apr 2021

As shown by the resignation of Arlene Foster, unionism is in profound crisis. But can the left take the lead and build working class unity? Anne McShane reports on the Conference for an Alternative United Ireland

Is war on the way?

22 Apr 2021

Mounting tensions between Russia and the west over Ukraine could have serious international consequences, warns Daniel Lazare

Ghost dancers of loyalism

15 Apr 2021

Riots in the Six Counties confirm once again that the Good Friday agreement settled nothing, writes Derek James

The Zingaretti aberration

01 Apr 2021

Not surprisingly, the attempt to reinvent social democracy came to nothing. The rightward drift is now set to continue. Toby Abse looks at the dysfunctional parties, factions, fiefdoms and tokenistic gestures which dominate electoral politics

Class, disease and fatality

04 Feb 2021

Britain has one of the very best vaccination programmes, writes Eddie Ford, but also one of the very worst death rates

Rotting fish and carnage

28 Jan 2021

For many the Brexit dream has already turned into a nightmare, writes Eddie Ford

Honing and updating

28 Jan 2021

Vernon Price reports on last weekend’s membership aggregate and the three debates over programme

End of the beginning

07 Jan 2021

The Brexit trade deal settles little - the EU will haunt British politics for years to come, writes Paul Demarty

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