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Europe's mutual suicide pact

May survives ... for the moment

13 Dec 2018

She might have won a vote of confidence, but the UK faces a full-blown constitutional crisis, reckons Paul Demarty

Left tails of liberal bourgeoisie

29 Nov 2018

He who pays the AEIP piper calls the AEIP tune, says Jack Conrad

New stage of Brexit politics

29 Nov 2018

In or out of the EU, argues Mike Macnair, we need a united workers’ movement on a European scale

Free-trade tailism

22 Nov 2018

The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty has enlisted a clipped version of Marx and Engels to serve its political agenda. In the first of two articles Mike Macnair looks at the claims of free trade and protectionism

May's numbers don't add up

22 Nov 2018

Escape from a no-confidence vote in the Tory Party will not save Theresa May’s Brexit plans, writes Paul Demarty - hence the renewed talk of a national government

Going down the Brexit rabbit hole

08 Nov 2018

As the deadline looms, Theresa May is still wrestling with the Gordian knot of the Irish border question, writes Eddie Ford

Italy's government provoking a clash with EU

25 Oct 2018

Against the background of attempts to form a new rightwing coalition across Europe, Toby Abse looks at the manoeuvrings of the rival Italian populists

People’s Vote: Establishment fights back

25 Oct 2018

Saturday's demonstration carried more than a whiff of a post-Brexit national government about it, writes Eddie Ford

Brexit: more humiliation looms

18 Oct 2018

The present terms of debate on Brexit represent paralysis, argues Paul Demarty - in the government, and on the left

Still no way out

04 Oct 2018

Paul Demarty watches the fur fly at the Birmingham conference

Liberal playthings

27 Sep 2018

Mike Macnair assesses the AWL’s second conference document, on Europe

The poverty of left-remainers

27 Sep 2018

Another humiliation for Theresa May; another ambiguous policy from Labour. But, says Paul Demarty, taking £70,000 from George Soros is the left’s very own road to disaster

Edging towards a second vote

13 Sep 2018

The EU was a central theme for the second successive year, reports Peter Manson

Against referendums

13 Sep 2018

Despite the TUC vote in Manchester the left should reject referendums as a matter of principle. Jack Conrad puts the Marxist case for extreme democracy

Bloodstained colours of Benetton

06 Sep 2018

Toby Abse looks at the politics underlying the collapse of the Genoa bridge

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