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Europe's mutual suicide pact

Imprisoned within the national

09 Aug 2018

Comparisons with Donald Trump are dishonest - but that does not mean Corbyn’s industrial strategy will actually work, warns Paul Demarty

Project Fear or Project Reality?

09 Aug 2018

Everyone from the governor of the Bank of England to the National Farmers Union is getting worried about a no-deal Brexit, writes Eddie Ford

The crisis of democracy

02 Aug 2018

No to a second referendum, writes Steve Freeman. Yes to a ratification referendum

Tactics, principles and willing dupes

19 Jul 2018

What attitude should the left take to the People’s Vote campaign and its call for a second referendum? Jack Conrad insists that referendums are a backward, not a forward step for democracy

Outlook Moggy

19 Jul 2018

Rees-Mogg’s medievalism may have been meant as a diversion, writes Mike Macnair, but it raises real issues

Brexit chaos

12 Jul 2018

The cabinet’s ‘unanimously agreed’ acceptance of May’s ‘political coup’ did not last very long, writes Eddie Ford

Take it or leave it

05 Jul 2018

Eddie Ford says Theresa May is manoeuvring to achieve a ‘third way’ Brexit. Chances are that we will see more dither

Oppose siren calls

05 Jul 2018

Some on the ‘left’ insist on running with People’s Vote and its call for a second EU referendum. Once again Jack Conrad argues that Marxists ought to condemn referendums. We favour representative democracy and working class political independence

Age of Aquarius

28 Jun 2018

The Lega has celebrated its gains in local elections by stepping up its attacks on migrants and Roma, with the complicity of M5S, writes Toby Abse

The bad old days

28 Jun 2018

Are we going back to the 1930s? Tony Blair says this scenario “no longer seems far fetched”. But will Donald Trump save us? Paul Demarty thinks not

Things to do when you’re dead

07 Jun 2018

It is not only the Russian government which is putting around fake news, notes Paul Demarty

Right-populist threat increases

31 May 2018

As stock exchanges are rattled and EU politicians worry over the survival of the euro, Toby Abse warns the left against treating our enemy’s enemy as our friend

Beyond the border quandary

31 May 2018

Brexit is in the interest of neither British nor Irish capital, writes James Harvey

The rise of a Mini-Me Hitler

03 May 2018

Thomas Klikauer looks at the fruitcakes, loonies and out-and-out racists who inhabit the völkische wing of the AfD

Democracy, not referendums

19 Apr 2018

Jack Conrad advocates working class representatives, working class party politics and the working class programme of extreme democracy

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