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Europe's mutual suicide pact

19 Jan 2012

Austerity plans pursued by European governments are proving to be self-defeating, writes Eddie Ford

Sinn Féin’s success, left’s collapse

13 Feb 2020

Anne McShane assesses the February 8 election and the rush by the Trotskyist ‘left’ to enter a bourgeois government.

Here we go again

09 Feb 2020

Red lines, cliff edges, friction, no deal, hard Brexit … Eddie Ford gets a sense of déjà vu.

In the balance

31 Jan 2020

James Harvey looks at the contenders for next month’s Irish general election and the possible coalitions

Full steam ahead?

16 Jan 2020

While Stormont has been restored, writes James Harvey, the old communal divisions remain firmly in place.

Our attitude to Europe

09 Jan 2020

A long-standing member of the Communist Party of Britain has tried to start an open debate using the ‘normal channels’. Though this letter was sent to the CPB, the Morning Star and Communist Review in December 2019, it has neither been printed not even acknowledged

Writing on the wall

12 Dec 2019

With the Brexit Party collapsing about his ears, Nigel Farage is thinking about launching the Reform Party. Eddie Ford is amused.

Far right conquers ‘red Umbria’

10 Nov 2019

Toby Abse explains the continuing decline of the Italian centre-left and the complete marginalization of the far left.

Another avoidable tragedy

31 Oct 2019

Sickening scenes in Essex show the need for a working class response to the migration question, argues Paul Demarty.

Nationalist dead end

24 Oct 2019

Paul Demarty examines the complex politics involved in the Catalan independence dispute.

Good riddance to Renzi

10 Oct 2019

The former leader of the PD has left to form a new party, writes Toby Abse. What a pity that the current leader is doing his best to placate the rightwingers who did not follow him.

Time to reassess

10 Oct 2019

The Irish left is still attempting to justify its support for Brexit, notes Anne McShane.

Coming to the rescue

20 Sep 2019

The Partito Democratico - an amalgam of Christian democrats and former ‘communists’ - have joined the ‘anti-establishment’ populists of the Five Star Movement in a new government. Toby Abse reports on what he calls the new ‘popular front’.

Desperate times, desperate measures

12 Sep 2019

Ever since he got elected, Boris Johnson has been acting in a ‘revolutionary’ fashion and shows no sign of rowing back, writes Eddie Ford.

No playing by Queensberry Rules

16 Aug 2019

The political establishment now faces a blunt choice of either crashing out of the EU or forming a national government, writes Eddie Ford.

Brexit and reunification

18 Jul 2019

James Harvey considers the consequences in the Six Counties if the United Kingdom really does leave the EU

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