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Europe's mutual suicide pact

The rise of a Mini-Me Hitler

03 May 2018

Thomas Klikauer looks at the fruitcakes, loonies and out-and-out racists who inhabit the völkische wing of the AfD

Democracy, not referendums

19 Apr 2018

Jack Conrad advocates working class representatives, working class party politics and the working class programme of extreme democracy

No more ‘broad, sunlit uplands’

29 Mar 2018

Eddie Ford agrees with Jacob Rees-Mogg that the final Brexit deal will be a ‘national humiliation’ like Suez 1956

Triumph of right populism

15 Mar 2018

Election marks the worst ever performance of the post-World War II left, writes Toby Abse

Against a second referendum

08 Mar 2018

Some on the ‘left’ insist on tailing John Major and Tony Blair and their call for a second referendum. However, argues Jack Conrad, Marxists are right to distrust referendums as a method of political decision-making. We champion working class political independence and representative democracy

Softest form of hard Brexit

08 Mar 2018

Theresa May’s ‘hard facts’ will only bring a temporary cessation of war between the rival Tory factions, writes Eddie Ford

Anti-fascists on the march

01 Mar 2018

As the far right becomes more emboldened, Toby Abse reports on the disgraceful attempt of the PD leadership to ban leftwing protests

Theresa May’s à la carte menu

01 Mar 2018

Three-course dinner or a packet of crisps? Eddie Ford looks at the latest Brexit developments

Further into farce

22 Feb 2018

How much longer can Ukip limp on, wonders Paul Demarty?

Italy: Democratic Party left up in arms

08 Feb 2018

Matteo Renzi’s purge is unlikely to halt his party’s decline, argues Toby Abse

21st century global reality

08 Feb 2018

Eddie Ford looks at the growing Tory infighting over Brexit

Corbynmania and the SPD

01 Feb 2018

Emma Rees and other Momentum employees have been sent to Berlin to help the German youth wing oppose the latest grand coalition, writes Susanne Holstein

Hard, soft or no Brexit?

25 Jan 2018

The working class needs a strategy that tails neither big capital nor backward-looking politicians, argues Jack Conrad

The price of neoliberalism

18 Jan 2018

The continuing decline of the left will be confirmed by the results of the March 4 general election, predicts Toby Abse

Labour tails Tory rebels

21 Dec 2017

Calling the modern powers to revise statutes by regulations ‘Henry VIII clauses’ gives the whole Brexit exercise a spurious air of English antiquity, argues Mike Macnair

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