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Overcoming the enemies within

Despicable participants in an ongoing witch-hunt

11 Oct 2018

The AWL social-imperialists have constituted themselves as allies of the Labour right, the mainstream media and the Israeli political establishment, writes Carla Roberts

Doing the job of the right

04 Oct 2018

Momentum in Scotland seems to have joined the witch-hunt against the left. Chris Cassells reports

Aspirations frustrated

04 Oct 2018

Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists gives her assessment of the Liverpool conference

Let it rot in the grave

04 Oct 2018

Labour should not revive the old Fabian clause four, says Jack Conrad. Instead a new, genuinely socialist version is needed

A funny way to support Jeremy

04 Oct 2018

SPEW has written to the Labour Party asking to affiliate. Peter Manson looks at the background

Stop feeding the beast

27 Sep 2018

Labour Against the Witchhunt held a successful fringe meeting at the Labour conference. Stan Keable reports

Empowering the membership

27 Sep 2018

Will Hodgson of Labour Party Marxists gives an overview of the Liverpool conference

Spies who came in from the slush

20 Sep 2018

Stories about Russian spies are being used to stoke up tensions and undermine Labour, writes Eddie Ford

There are big barriers to overcome

20 Sep 2018

Jim Grant of Labour Party Marxists looks forward to the Liverpool conference

Democracy, reselection and Omov

13 Sep 2018

Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists looks at some of the rule changes before this year’s Labour conference

Too modest by half

13 Sep 2018

John McDonnell’s ‘radical’ plans to overhaul company ownership forget about the state - Jim Grant argues that the state will not forget about John McDonnell

A racist state

13 Sep 2018

Labour’s adoption of the IHRA definition was a shameful betrayal of the Palestinians, writes Tony Greenstein

Grovelling will not save you

06 Sep 2018

No olive branch is big enough for the Labour right Paul Demarty wonders why the leadership keeps offering them

NEC left capitulates

06 Sep 2018

But there might yet be light at the end of the tunnel, says Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Past misdemeanours

16 Aug 2018

'A party with socialists in it: a history of the Labour left' by Simon Hannah (Pluto Press 2018, pp288, £12.99)

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