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Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

Little to get excited about

12 May 2022

As predicted, the Tories suffered losses, writes Eddie Ford. But Sir Keir has made no obvious progress - and nor has what passes for the left

Open letter to ‘Red Line TV’

12 May 2022

Jack Conrad scorns the ‘alive and kicking’ claim, questions Labour Briefing’s ‘great tradition’ and urges rebellion against LRC’s social-imperialism

Parliamentary and everyday sexism

05 May 2022

The current furore has produced a morally outraged cross-party consensus, but the last thing we need is yet more investigations, judge-led enquiries, quangos and powers to suspend or expel MPs, says James Harvey

Unintended consequences

28 Apr 2022

The calumnies against Shaima Dallali highlight the left’s errors. Paul Demarty calls for a principled defence of free speech

Dead not resting

28 Apr 2022

James Harvey of Labour Party Marxists looks at the origins, politics and ultimate demise of Labour Briefing

Hold the line

21 Apr 2022

The left in France should not be panicked into voting for Emmanuel Macron, writes Paul Demarty

A farrago of illusions

14 Apr 2022

Social-Putinism and social-imperialism are not our only problem, argues Jack Conrad. There is the curse of social‑pacifism and centrism too

The biters bitten

14 Apr 2022

James Harvey of Labour Party Marxists asks why the AWL has been proscribed when it has given such unstinting service to the right in promoting the ‘anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism’ big lie

Spineless of the little blob

10 Mar 2022

Its response to the Ukraine war shows the official Labour ‘left’ is sinking ever further into the mire, writes James Harvey

Cosying up to Sir Keir

10 Feb 2022

Derek James reports on the split in the Socialist Campaign Group and the prospects for the ‘insider’ strategy

A rapidly sinking ship

10 Feb 2022

Clive Dean, of Labour Party Marxists, reports on an organisation in sharp decline, politically at sea and now lacking any strategic perspective

No change of line

20 Jan 2022

Mike Macnair responds to Daniel Lazare on BDS, the Israel Jewish working class and the necessity of opposing the witch-hunt

Operation Save Big Dog

20 Jan 2022

Is Boris Johnson toast? Eddie Ford comments on the partygate scandals and what it means for Sir Keir’s prospects

Will ye no come back?

20 Jan 2022

Amidst rumours of Jeremy Corbyn being set to launch a new party, Derek James asks why so many on the left are still in thrall to Corbynism

Self-declared heretic replies

06 Jan 2022

Tony Greenstein insists that the merging of LAW and LIEN is precisely the ‘twin-track’ approach that Jack Conrad advocates

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