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Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

So it’s July 4

23 May 2024

Rishi Sunak has gambled on falling inflation, tepid economic growth and Rwanda flights to win this summer’s general election. Carla Roberts says: while the Tories richly deserve to lose, we should do nothing to foster illusions in Sir Keir

Debating with Oehlerites

09 May 2024

With the general election fast approaching, Eddie Ford reports on the Online Communist Forum debate. While the Spartacist League fetishises opposition to the person of Sir Keir Starmer and throws in its lot with the Tusc opportunist lash-up, the CPGB emphasises communist unity as the only serious route towards mass work

Using every avenue

11 Apr 2024

In what is almost certainly a general election year, Jack Conrad looks at the evolution, limits and possibilities of parliament. We don’t have to settle for Sir Keir’s Labour Party and the lesser evil

Selective justice is no justice

21 Mar 2024

John McDonnell has rightly called for her reinstatement. But, asks Eddie Ford, what about all the many others wrongly accused of anti-Semitism?

Through the looking glass

22 Feb 2024

Scott Evans spotlights Sir Keir’s desperate balancing act between a pro-Palestine electorate, wobbly MPs and the shifting messages coming from the White House … and the surreal goings on in the Commons

A culture of apology

08 Feb 2024

David Miller is worth more than the whole pack of the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs put together. Apologising makes you complicit, but taking a stand brings vindication, writes Eddie Ford

Placing demands on Labour

19 Oct 2023

Jack Bernard retells the hoary old tale of the inadequacies of the minimum-maximum programme of classical Marxism and the wonders that can be performed once equipped with transitional demands

Don’t mention apartheid

19 Oct 2023

Sir Keir bans Labour banners at Palestine demonstrations, Jeremy Corbyn appeals to‘international law’, while the Campaign Group of Socialist MPs sticks to empty platitudes, reports Carla Roberts

Backing a winner

12 Oct 2023

Rupert Murdoch may well bring his papers in behind Sir Keir - but how great is his influence in Britain nowadays? Paul Demarty investigates

Clean air as a right

03 Aug 2023

Following the Uxbridge by-election, there has been a huge row over the extension of London’s Ulez scheme. Both Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer are standing up for the right to pollute. Eddie Ford stands up for the right to breathe clean, unpolluted air

A year of strikes

22 Jun 2023

We must go beyond Labourism. Kevin Bean assesses the upsurge in trade union action and its limitations

Gloomy shades of death

08 Jun 2023

Attended by a maximum of just 19 members, the online AGM testified to complete strategic failure. Kevin Bean reads the last rites

Labourism on Mogadon

18 May 2023

Though a Labour government is by no means certain, it would represent a major political turning point. Vernon Price reports on the aggregate of CPGB members and supporters

On course for No10

11 May 2023

Labour had a good night, the Tories a horrible one. But, asks Kevin Bean, should we aim for a Labour Party mark 2 or should we aim for something higher, something far more useful?

Cheap shots, great and small

20 Apr 2023

Controversy over Starmer’s attack ads shows up the increasing emptiness of bourgeois political debate, argues Paul Demarty

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