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Anarchist origins of the 'general strike' slogan

17 Mar 2011

We set up this debate in response to widespread calls from the Trotskyist left for the TUC to call a general strike against the cuts. This is Mike Macnair's opening

Onslaught continues

25 Nov 2021

With the busiest winter period fast approaching, James Linney savages the government’s NHS ‘rescue plan’

Centrality of class independence

12 Aug 2021

Khomeini and the clergy completely outmanoeuvred the left. But it need not have been that way. In his second and concluding article on the role of oil workers in the 1979 revolution, Peyman Jafari stresses the complex nature of ideology and class consciousness

The Imam, the strikers and the black, black oil

05 Aug 2021

There are rich lessons for today in the experiences of the oil strikes of 1978. In the first of two articles Peyman Jafari charts the incredibly difficult struggle for organisation, hegemony and strategy

Great pension robbery

22 Jul 2021

Miners have been deprived of part of their ‘deferred wages’. David John Douglass exposes the actions of successive governments

Into the light of hope

22 Jul 2021

Biggest oil and gas strike. A rebellion against neoliberalism. Economic and political demands combine. Ruben Markarian, of the Organisation of Revolutionary Workers of Iran, sees a historic turning point. This article is based on his July 18 Online Communist Forum talk

In spite of everything

22 Jul 2021

Left illusions in cheap populist rhetoric risk splitting the vote and handing victory to the right. Paul Demarty argues in favour of a clear-sighted and long-term strategy

Our strike is spreading fast

15 Jul 2021

This statement, translated from Persian, gives an insight into the many challenges faced by the Council for Organising Protests by Oil Contract Workers in standing up to employers and the government

Workers unite in huge protest

01 Jul 2021

Yassamine Mather welcomes the post-presidential election upsurge in strikes

A post-Covid-19 reckoning

17 Jun 2021

Despite the presence of social democrats in his government, Mario Draghi is more than willing to preside over an anti-working class offensive, writes Toby Abse

Story built on lies

03 Jun 2021

David Douglass reviews 'Thatcher vs the miners: the battle for Britain', produced by Harry Bell and Brendan Hughes and broadcast on Channel 5

Putting profit first

27 May 2021

After 30 years of privatisation, writes Vernon Price, it remains clear where the government’s priorities lie

Labour’s latest Waterloo

15 Apr 2021

The defeat of the campaign for union recognition at Amazon is not as straightforward as might be thought, argues Daniel Lazare

After 47 years

08 Apr 2021

The convictions of the Shrewsbury 24 have at last been quashed. There was a conspiracy - between the employers, the police and the Tory government. Bernard Mattson reports

Global unions needed

04 Jun 2020

Workers in Sunderland should not be pitted against workers in Barcelona, writes Eddie Ford

Defend Steve Hedley

17 Apr 2020

RMT should immediately rescind the suspension of its assistant general secretary, argues Paul Demarty

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