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Not fit for purpose

22 Jun 2006

In the panic over sex crimes, communists emphasise the need for treatment, not revenge. Eddie Ford comments

What should have been done

15 Jun 2006

Jack Conrad concludes his series of articles on the general strike

Don't mention the regime

15 Jun 2006

The June 12 'open organising meeting' of Action Iran quickly focused on one question - should it take up a position on the nature of the Iranian regime or simply remain a 'single-issue campaign'? Tina Becker reports

Obscene apologia

15 Jun 2006

Anybody expecting a debate at the annual conference of the Stop the War Coalition was to be disappointed, writes Anne Mc Shane. The last thing the leadership wants is a challenge to their 'Don't criticise Iran' line

Against war, for democracy

15 Jun 2006

Comrade Jamshid from the Committee to Defend the Iranian People's Rights spoke to Anne Mc Shane about his organisation and the role of the anti-war movement

Fight on two fronts

08 Jun 2006

On the eve of the Stop the War Coalition annual conference on June 10, Mark Fischer spoke to Mehdi Kia of Iran Bulletin/Middle East Forum about the tasks of the anti-war movement in this country. Does our opposition to imperialist threats against Iran mean we must suspend criticism of the monstrous theocratic regime that oppresses the country?

A Chartist trade union party?

01 Jun 2006

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group looks forward to a synthesis of reform and revolution

Manufacturing royal consent

25 May 2006

Gordon Downie takes a look at the May 20 concert of the 'Prince's Trust'

Virtues and vices

25 May 2006

Jack Conrad pays tribute to the role of the CPGB in 1926. But as well as heroism there were limitations

The minimum platform and extreme democracy

18 May 2006

Under what conditions should communists participate in government? Mike Macnair revisits the strategic problem of authority

A study in bureaucratic inertia

18 May 2006

Jack Conrad shows that, while the Tory government assiduously and ruthlessly prepared for the 1926 general strike, the TUC was content to pass left-sounding resolutions

Into the dustbin of history

11 May 2006

Graham Bash of 'Labour Left Briefing' looks forward to Blair's demise in the aftermath of the May 4 local elections

Days of black and red

11 May 2006

In the second article on the general strike and its turbulent background Jack Conrad looks at the delayed birth of the CPGB and the course of events from black Friday to red Friday

Against war, for workers' rights

04 May 2006

Yassamine Mather reports on Iranian workers taking to the streets on May Day

Members need political strategy

04 May 2006

Lee Rock, national secretary of PCSU Socialist Caucus, reports on the May 2-3 strike of tens of thousands of civil servants