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Referendum has nothing to offer

07 Jun 2012

Neither Scottish independence nor British unionism. Sarah McDonald looks at the launch of the "Yes" campaign

Logic behind the madness

07 May 2020

Eddie Ford reports on the many failures of the UK and US governments

Sleepwalking into disaster

23 Apr 2020

The government knew for years that a ‘terrifying’ pandemic was coming, says Eddie Ford, yet it did next to nothing to prepare

Never let a good crisis go to waste

09 Apr 2020

Governments are using the pandemic as an opportunity to introduce authoritarian legislation, writes Eddie Ford

Testing times

09 Apr 2020

James Linney has no doubt where the blame lies for all the failures

Coming home to roost

26 Mar 2020

Richard Galen describes how NHS workers are doing their best to cope following years of Tory cuts.

End of the line

26 Mar 2020

Covid-19 has done away with Britain’s rail franchising system. Paul Demarty, for one, is not going to miss it.

Cruel and unusual punishment

13 Feb 2020

Boris Johnson is continuing the anti-migrant ‘hostile environment’ policy of his predecessors, writes Eddie Ford.

On target for disaster

09 Feb 2020

James Linney looks at the ever growing waiting times.

UK vs Team 27

31 Jan 2020

Brexit might have happened, writes Eddie Ford, but it will be far from plain sailing when it comes to trade talks, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Curing the country of Prevent

24 Jan 2020

The list of ‘extremist’ organisations subject to intervention under the Prevent strategy is laughable - but the consequences could be grave, warns Paul Demarty.

Up against the clock

24 Jan 2020

By insisting that Britain is going to diverge from the EU, Sajid Javid is waving goodbye to the car industry, writes Eddie Ford.

Northing inevitable

19 Dec 2019

Both Sinn Féin and the DUP did badly, but there is still talk of a border poll and reunification, reports James Harvey.

Breeding ground for terrorists

06 Dec 2019

The Tories’ populist response to the London Bridge attack is no surprise. But the relationship between the prison system and Islamist terrorism seems to be symbiotic, argues Paul Demarty.

Sinking, but not yet sunk

15 Nov 2019

Rex Dunn discusses Brexit, the future of neoliberalism and the system’s potential for disintegration.

Holding all the cards?

24 Oct 2019

Key parts of the DUP’s base in the farming and business sectors are fearful of the impact of a hard border and a hard Brexit on their economic interests, notes James Harvey.

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