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Referendum has nothing to offer

Gifts for the NHS

21 Jun 2018

Theresa May’s narrow victory in the Commons is hardly a vote of confidence in her government, reckons Paul Demarty

Across the sectarian divide

14 Jun 2018

There is more to the border question than meets the eye, says James Harvey

A very British cover-up

07 Jun 2018

Conspiracies do happen, as the Jeremy Thorpe scandal proves. And Eddie Ford reckons the establishment might also conspire against Jeremy Corbyn in the event of a Labour victory

Sacked for daring to tell the truth

07 Jun 2018

Contribute to the fight to reinstate Stan Keable, urges David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists

Beyond the border quandary

31 May 2018

Brexit is in the interest of neither British nor Irish capital, writes James Harvey

The Firm reinvents itself

24 May 2018

The royal wedding was used to present the monarchy and the entire establishment as modern, progressive ... and anti-racist, writes Eddie Ford

The royal wedding and platonic republicanism

17 May 2018

Eddie Ford thinks the left, and Jeremy Corbyn, should take the monarchy seriously

Blairite right clings on

03 May 2018

William Phillips of Labour Party Marxists looks at the forthcoming leadership election in Welsh Labour

Twenty years on

19 Apr 2018

James Harvey recalls the Good Friday agreement and looks to the problems that lie ahead

Democracy, not referendums

19 Apr 2018

Jack Conrad advocates working class representatives, working class party politics and the working class programme of extreme democracy

No more ‘Enoch was right’

19 Apr 2018

Attempts to ban BBC’s Rivers of blood programme were totally misplaced, writes Eddie Ford

That’s what they want

12 Apr 2018

Who’s afraid of conspiracy theorists? Not Paul Demarty for one

Defeat is victory

12 Apr 2018

Gerry Adams may take pride in the legacy of Sinn Féin under his leadership, but Kevin Bean wonders how he will ultimately be regarded

Barking up the wrong tree

12 Apr 2018

A new moral panic over violent crime in London has generated the usual batch of silly initiatives and pseudo-solutions, argues Eddie Ford

NCG elections: no vote

05 Apr 2018

A call from Labour Party Marxists

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