Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

Sir Keir’s second eleven

30 Sep 2021

Derek James says keeping heads down does not amount to a viable strategy

Waiting for the axe

23 Sep 2021

With the Brighton conference about to begin, Derek James of Labour Party Marxists looks at a confused left and the failure to confront a witch-hunt that began not with Keir Starmer, but Jeremy Corbyn

Enlightened constitutions

23 Sep 2021

Mike Macnair shows that the US constitution modernised the English constitution - no monarch, no hereditary peers, no state church - but made the interests of capital more secure against the lower orders

One coup attempt or two?

23 Sep 2021

There was general Mark Milley too. Daniel Lazare re-examines January 6 in light of the latest revelations

Combating the Capitalistocene

23 Sep 2021

With global temperatures in danger of increasing to 1.5 ºC above pre-industrial levels by 2025, Eddie Ford fears that governments might actually do something - at our expense

Media muddle

23 Sep 2021

Yes, they are deeply reactionary, writes Yassamine Mather. But they have learnt to survive, adapt and win

Dealing with anti-vaxxers

16 Sep 2021

Invading BBC, ITN and Google. Paul Demarty examines vaccine madness and the limits of coercive action

Class, state and constitution

16 Sep 2021

Rising classes have to reshape states in their own interests. Mike Macnair explores the revolutionary origins of capitalist modernity

Rightwing hopes dashed

16 Sep 2021

After the scuttle from Afghanistan, reality is finally sinking in for the royalist, cultist and paid-for ‘regime change’ advocates, writes Yassamine Mather

Mirror images of terror

16 Sep 2021

Al Qa’eda wanted to provoke, the US neocons wanted to be provoked. The result has been a whole series of failed states, writes Eddie Ford

Limbering up for Brighton

16 Sep 2021

Derek James of Labour Party Marxists assesses the prospects for the left at the party’s annual conference

Accused of corruption

09 Sep 2021

It is bad enough that a ‘communist’ is a senior minister in a capitalist government, writes Peter Manson. But now things are even worse

Facing terminal defeat

09 Sep 2021

Yes, we must continue to fight in the Labour Party, writes Tony Greenstein, but what about those who have left or been expelled?

Artificial antiquity

09 Sep 2021

The creation of a new constitution is not only relevant to social transition. It is fundamental, argues Mike Macnair

The great game and geopolitics

09 Sep 2021

For all Xi’s rhetoric, the power struggle between the Communist Party of China and the country’s billionaires is far from decided, writes Paul Demarty

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