Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

Gaza and militarisation

11 Apr 2024

Toby Abse reports on the links between Italian universities and Israel’s war machine. Inevitably anyone who dares protest is branded an anti-Semite by the rightwing media

Strengthen those red lines

11 Apr 2024

Left groups are arguing about the class nature of a possible Sinn Féin-led government. Even about joining as coalition partners and getting the perks and privileges of junior ministers. Anne McShane calls for unity around tried and tested principles, not diplomatic fudges

Using every avenue

11 Apr 2024

In what is almost certainly a general election year, Jack Conrad looks at the evolution, limits and possibilities of parliament. We don’t have to settle for Sir Keir’s Labour Party and the lesser evil

Two-party dictatorship

11 Apr 2024

Third parties face a whole series of increasingly impossible hurdles. Daniel Lazare looks at how both Republicans and Democrats oppose democracy

Delight and rising hopes

04 Apr 2024

Esen Uslu highlights the economics and politics behind the huge defeat suffered by Erdoğan’s electoral bloc and the opportunities that have opened up

Notes on the war

04 Apr 2024

At this particular juncture the west’s proxy finds itself on the back foot, says Jack Conrad. Doubtless that explains why Donald Tusk is warning Russia that a wider war in Europe is “a real threat”

Limiting competition is key

28 Mar 2024

Whatever the government does over Rwanda, irregular migrants will keep coming. Eddie Ford defends the right of people to live in whatever country they choose, but we clearly need more than individual rights

Thinking beyond ceasefires

21 Mar 2024

Zionism is predicated on ethnic cleansing, oppression and ultimately genocide. Carl Stevens of the Republican Labour Education Forum gives his take on different possible progressive solutions to the Israel-Palestine conflict

Selective justice is no justice

21 Mar 2024

John McDonnell has rightly called for her reinstatement. But, asks Eddie Ford, what about all the many others wrongly accused of anti-Semitism?

Distrust your government

14 Mar 2024

What should the communist position be on defence of existing states, national self-determination and war? Marc Mulholland based his talk to Communist University Spring 2024 on this study

Staring into the abyss

14 Mar 2024

Far from Jeremy Hunt’s budget being a ‘gamechanger’, it has backfired on the Tories, writes Eddie Ford. Indeed, with Braverman, Anderson and now Hester, the government has suffered one PR disaster after another

How to be an extremist

14 Mar 2024

Michael Gove and co seek to redefine ‘extremism’. Paul Demarty suggests that we should wear the label with pride

Courtship by mega-donors

07 Mar 2024

Tories are still capitalism’s preferred party of government, but Labour’s commanding poll lead helps explain why so many of the filthy rich are shifting their loyalties, writes Eddie Ford

A very good week

07 Mar 2024

Instead of fighting in the ballot box, the Democrats fight in the courts. It is almost as if they want Trump re-elected, writes Daniel Lazare

How we should contest

07 Mar 2024

While Corbynism has produced little more than demoralisation, Tusc’s approach to elections has been a complete failure. Edmund Griffiths offers a contribution aimed at leaving behind puny goals and statistically irrelevant votes

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