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Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

Good riddance to Renzi

10 Oct 2019

The former leader of the PD has left to form a new party, writes Toby Abse. What a pity that the current leader is doing his best to placate the rightwingers who did not follow him.

Time to reassess

10 Oct 2019

The Irish left is still attempting to justify its support for Brexit, notes Anne McShane.

Playing the blame game

10 Oct 2019

Now that a Brexit deal is ‘essentially impossible’, writes Eddie Ford, we could be heading towards an ugly, populist general election.

One small step forward

03 Oct 2019

The Labour Left Alliance held its first national networking meeting in Brighton. Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists reports.

Being ruder than Boris

03 Oct 2019

The left should have no time for establishment MPs and their worries about extreme language, argues Paul Demarty.

Bid for Brexit glory

03 Oct 2019

This really is crunch time for Boris Johnson - striking a deal with the DUP and submitting his ‘two borders’ plan to the EU. But, asks Eddie Ford, can he survive the storm?

Establishment at an impasse

03 Oct 2019

While Boris Johnson may well hanker after an illiberal democracy, Jack Conrad warns that parliamentary deals, calls for a caretaker government and campaigning for a second referendum are worse than useless.

The party organ of the state

26 Sep 2019

Paul Demarty comments on the retirement of John Humphrys from BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Battle far from won

26 Sep 2019

While the majority of CLP delegates reject the anti-left smear campaign, the right has the backing of the capitalist media. That, together with a conciliating leadership, gives them the upper hand, writes Peter Manson.

Democratise the block vote

26 Sep 2019

David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists reminds us of one of the key tasks we face

Politics of the past, politics of the future

26 Sep 2019

Bill Hodgson of Labour Party Marxists reports that, although in terms of numbers the right was hardly in evidence at conference, there were big clashes and latent possibilities.

Watson survives for the moment

26 Sep 2019

There was a growing mood of defiance on display amongst CLP delegates, writes William Sarsfield.

Judges, politics and democracy

26 Sep 2019

Mike Macnair warns that the Supreme Court decision on prorogation could be used as a precedent to block radical measures by a Labour government.

Coming to the rescue

20 Sep 2019

The Partito Democratico - an amalgam of Christian democrats and former ‘communists’ - have joined the ‘anti-establishment’ populists of the Five Star Movement in a new government. Toby Abse reports on what he calls the new ‘popular front’.

Flies in the ointment

12 Sep 2019

Whither the Brexit Party? James Harvey thinks it has no long-term future.

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