Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

Anti-Zionism and self-censorship

15 Nov 2018

The witch-hunt against Jeremy Corbyn and the left is still in full swing - and spreading across society, reports Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Support the Socialist View slate

15 Nov 2018

Peter Manson looks at the rift that has opened up in the Left Unity faction of PCS

One rule for members ...

15 Nov 2018

Tony Greenstein describes how his defence of Stan Keable, who was dismissed as a council housing officer under the ‘anti-Semitism’ purge, led to his own suspension

Going down the Brexit rabbit hole

08 Nov 2018

As the deadline looms, Theresa May is still wrestling with the Gordian knot of the Irish border question, writes Eddie Ford

Scottish Labour left: Democracy be damned

08 Nov 2018

Momentum’s counterpart in Scotland continues to thwart the wishes of its members, reports Chris Cassells

Bolsonaro: Brazil’s Trump or Brazil’s fascist ruler?

01 Nov 2018

Brazilian comrade Roberto della Santa gives us his assessment of a president who has declared that the military dictatorship ‘did not go far enough’

Huddersfield and the causes of crime

25 Oct 2018

There is more at stake than criminal justice in the latest grooming scandal, argues Paul Demarty

Tinker, tailor, soldier, Marxist

25 Oct 2018

Lawrence Parker takes issue with some of the interpretations of Michael Bettaney’s life and ideas that have appeared down the years

Italy's government provoking a clash with EU

25 Oct 2018

Against the background of attempts to form a new rightwing coalition across Europe, Toby Abse looks at the manoeuvrings of the rival Italian populists

People’s Vote: Establishment fights back

25 Oct 2018

Saturday's demonstration carried more than a whiff of a post-Brexit national government about it, writes Eddie Ford

No compliance with ‘hostile environment’ in NHS

25 Oct 2018

James Linney looks at the impact of Theresa May’s immigration policy on asylum-seekers

Review: 22 July, directed by Paul Greengrass

18 Oct 2018

Out on general release and Netflix

Brexit: more humiliation looms

18 Oct 2018

The present terms of debate on Brexit represent paralysis, argues Paul Demarty - in the government, and on the left

The National Left-Wing Movement: a lost legacy of the 1920s

18 Oct 2018

Lawrence Parker spoke about his book ‘Communists and Labour - The National Left-Wing Movement 1925-1929’ at Communist University 2018. This is an edited version of his talk

NCC ‘left’ slate farce ends in another Jon Lansman surrender

18 Oct 2018

The manoeuvres over joint candidates for Labour's disciplinary committee exposes the political vacuity of the existing left groupings, says Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

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