Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

Maggots, Marxists and Muslims

21 Mar 2019

Like Anders Breivik, the Christchurch killer has a programmatic world view. Eddie Ford looks at the fascistic idealism of Brenton Tarrant

Reinstate Peter Gregson

14 Mar 2019

The use of the IHRA ‘definition’ of anti-Semitism to expel a union activist marks a new low, writes David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists

Follow my leader

14 Mar 2019

Whatever happened to the democratic exchange of ideas? William Sarsfield reports on the CLPD’s March 9 AGM

Corbyn should speak up

14 Mar 2019

Labour HQ has decided upon yet more suspensions. Carla Roberts reports on the appalling consequences of appeasement

Hitting the reset button?

14 Mar 2019

Now that Theresa May’s deal has been defeated for a second time and MPs have voted against ‘no deal’, Eddie Ford says almost anything can happen in the short term. But in the longer term the expectations of the Brexiteers will surely be betrayed

Their next move

07 Mar 2019

Jack Conrad warns that the Labour right is looking to considerably extend the scope of the witch-hunt. Their big idea is to net socialism and even anti-capitalism

Fake outrage, fake accusations

07 Mar 2019

The civil war in the Labour Party is at a critical stage, writes Carla Roberts

Step forward, Mr Johnson?

07 Mar 2019

With splits in the ERG, writes Eddie Ford, does Theresa May now have a chance of scraping her deal through the Commons? It seems unlikely

Moving the cliff edge

28 Feb 2019

Theresa May has kicked the can down the road yet again. Eddie Ford looks at the latest twists and turns

Commitment and collectivity

28 Feb 2019

René Gimpel continues his examination of the conflict between Jean-Paul Sartre’s political and philosophical passions

Getting trigger happy

28 Feb 2019

What does the formation of the so-called Independent Group and the suspension of Chris Williamson tell us about the balance of forces? William Sarsfield of Labour Party Marxists gives his view

Hundreds of hard-core anti-Semites?

28 Feb 2019

Suspending Chris Williamson MP is an outrage, writes Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Banking on cliff edges is a dangerous strategy

21 Feb 2019

With less than a week to go before the next Brexit vote, Theresa May has brought nothing meaningful back from Brussels. So what next? asks Eddie Ford

Individualism or class struggle?

21 Feb 2019

René Gimpel examines the philosophical and political development of Jean-Paul Sartre, and his fraught relationship with the French Communist Party

Recession and xenophobia

21 Feb 2019

Toby Abse reports on the latest shenanigans of the right-populist government - and the stirrings of organised working class opposition

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