Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

BBC’s war on Corbyn

18 Jul 2019

Panorama’s ‘Is Labour anti-Semitic?’ would have made Pravda proud, argues Tony Greenstein

The politics of offence

18 Jul 2019

Eddie Ford thinks everybody should be open to political criticism - even those who are pregnant or receiving treatment for illness

A new mood dawns

18 Jul 2019

William Sarsfield reports from the Durham Miners Gala 2019, where the ‘Appeal for a Labour Left Alliance’ was very well received

Volatile times ahead

18 Jul 2019

We are heading for a constitutional crisis, writes Peter Manson and certainly an early general election.

Constitutional or political?

18 Jul 2019

Mike Macnair asks whether talk of a ‘constitutional crisis’ following the election of Boris Johnson as Tory leader is real or illusory

From bailout to Brexit

12 Jul 2019

The Dublin government sees its future with mainland Europe, not an insular UK, writes James Harvey

Completing the vicious circle

12 Jul 2019

Michael Roberts recalls the disastrous policies of the Syriza government

Corbyn, Tehran and fake news

12 Jul 2019

Yassmine Mather shows that the mainstream media have little or no regard for the truth

Time to reorient

12 Jul 2019

With talk of prorogation and an ‘alternative parliament’, writes Eddie Ford, a constitutional crisis is looming.

Bitter fruit of appeasement

04 Jul 2019

The renewed suspension of Chris Williamson and the degeneration of Momentum shows that the left in the party needs to get organised, says Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

From miracle to hard border?

04 Jul 2019

In the 1990s Ireland was a great success story. Then came the financial crash and now there is the danger of Brexit unleashing economic mayhem. In the first of two articles, James Harvey discusses the changing fortunes of Irish capitalism

A company union?

04 Jul 2019

James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists looks at Jeremy Corbyn’s latest proposals for the armed forces

Aiding Corbyn’s opponents

27 Jun 2019

Jon Lansman’s attack on Jewish Voice for Labour is no different from the attacks on white opponents of apartheid in South Africa, argues Tony Greenstein

Storms heading our way

27 Jun 2019

In order to win the Tory leadership election Boris Johnson says that when it comes to Brexit it is ‘do or die’. According to existing parliamentary arithmetic, he will die. But that will hardly be the end of matters, says Eddie Ford

Let’s get trigger-happy

27 Jun 2019

The reinstatement of Chris Williamson has riled the witch-hunters, writes Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists. Now we must ensure that the decision to introduce the reformed trigger ballot process is used to drive them out

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