Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

Forgive us our trespasses

21 Apr 2022

Establishment celebrations of the Kinder Scout mass trespass of 1932 brush over its communist politics. Lawrence Parker puts the record straight

Hold the line

21 Apr 2022

The left in France should not be panicked into voting for Emmanuel Macron, writes Paul Demarty

Out of sight, out of mind?

21 Apr 2022

Rwanda deal is a cynical election ploy, writes Eddie Ford

SUPPLEMENT: Imperialism and the state (Part IV)

14 Apr 2022

There can never be a world capitalist state. Hierarchy and inequality between many states is an inevitable feature of capitalism

Rise and fall of a creep

14 Apr 2022

The fiasco over his wife’s non-dom status and now a fixed-penalty notice have sunk Rishi Sunak’s prime ministerial ambitions. Paul Demarty is amused

No quick fix

14 Apr 2022

Mimicking the sun and producing power using nuclear fusion has long been a dream and it appears that will be the case for a long time to come. Yassamine Mather explains

A farrago of illusions

14 Apr 2022

Social-Putinism and social-imperialism are not our only problem, argues Jack Conrad. There is the curse of social‑pacifism and centrism too

The biters bitten

14 Apr 2022

James Harvey of Labour Party Marxists asks why the AWL has been proscribed when it has given such unstinting service to the right in promoting the ‘anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism’ big lie

SUPPLEMENT: Imperialism and the state (Part III)

07 Apr 2022

Capitalism produces huge wealth and huge inequalities, both of which play a role in recurring crises

Process of poverty

07 Apr 2022

Will there be a new Winter of Discontent in response to the cost of living crisis? Eddie Ford is hopeful, but it will only happen with organisation and challenging the grip of the trade union bureaucracy

Seasons of crisis

07 Apr 2022

The huge increase in NHS waiting times is not just a result of the pandemic, James Linney explains

Piracy on the high seas

31 Mar 2022

There is a danger of the P&O dispute being railroaded along nationalistic lines. James Harvey looks at the sacking of 800 workers and the government’s response

Squeezing the poor

31 Mar 2022

The chancellor’s spring statement means increasing numbers will have to choose between eating or heating, writes Eddie Ford

End of phase one

31 Mar 2022

As shown by the talks in Istanbul, Vladimir Putin has already lost what could still be a horrible, grizzly, prolonged war. Jack Conrad gives his assessment

What hath Zbig wrought?

31 Mar 2022

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s grand strategy is alive and well under Biden, writes Daniel Lazare

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