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Republicanism and the form of working class rule

31 May 2012

As the constitutional monarchy state proclaims its commitment to privilege and the status quo, Michael Copestake looks back to a rather different tradition

Deserting the ship

26 Oct 2023

Birds of ill omen are flying for Rishi Sunak and the Tory government. After two big by-election wins, Sir Keir increasingly looks like a prime minister in waiting, writes Eddie Ford

Etymology of terror

26 Oct 2023

Accusations of terrorism have become all but meaningless. Paul Demarty examines the strategy, tactics and hypocrisy of the T-word

Biden’s sinking ship

12 Oct 2023

The greater the disarray, the greater the odds that Trump will return to the White House. Daniel Lazare charts the administration’s self-inflicted woes and the necessity of breaking with the Democrats

Liberals and authoritarians

05 Oct 2023

Joe Biden does not, cannot, understand the MAGA movement. Daniel Lazare looks at his September 28 speech and finds something rotten in the state of America

Staggering to next crisis

21 Sep 2023

Joe Biden’s growing incapacity, the likelihood of him being replaced mid-term by Kamala Harris if re‑elected, and a potential impeachment trial show that the abnormal is becoming the new normal. Paul Demarty looks at America

Forms of popular frontism

14 Sep 2023

Repeating calls for ‘no platforming’, calls to line up behind reactionary nationalists are, argues Mike Macnair, modern forms of madness. We favour free speech

National road to disaster

07 Sep 2023

Some 60,000 died, huge numbers were tortured and driven into exile, the parties of the left were banned and driven underground. Mike Macnair asks if any strategic lessons were learnt

Not a workers’ state

03 Aug 2023

Did the Soviet Union remain a workers’ state from its heroic beginnings to its miserable end? Citing unchanged property relations is clearly unMarxist. What is decisive is production relations, argues Jack Conrad

Online Communist Forum, Sunday July 30 5pm

27 Jul 2023

Year of four trials

27 Jul 2023

Legal case follows legal case. Expect a crack-up even bigger than January 2021, says Daniel Lazare

Putting the record straight

29 Jun 2023

Alexei Sayle (narrator), Chis Reeves (director), Norman Thomas (writer), Oh, Jeremy Corbyn - the big lie, Platform Films

Death of a true believer

22 Jun 2023

He exposed official lies, escaped the clutches of Richard Nixon’s goons and fought hard for pacifism for the rest of his life. Paul Demarty remembers Daniel Ellsberg

Abortion should not be illegal

22 Jun 2023

Carla Foster has been handed a 28-month sentence. Mike Macnair warns that this is part of a wider Tory culture-war offensive designed to rally the right

Misleading parliament should matter

15 Jun 2023

Mike Macnair discusses Boris Johnson’s lies, his resignation, his honours list and his media manipulation

Never same again

15 Jun 2023

Charging Donald Trump has had far-right Republicans reaching for their guns. Will he go down? Daniel Lazare is sure: maybe yes, maybe no

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