Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

Fuelling the politics of hate

10 Aug 2023

Once again the Tories are targeting migrants. Bibby Stockholm is meant to serve as a deterrent but, in fact, it’s a political weapon designed to prevent electoral meltdown, argues Kevin Bean

Clean air as a right

03 Aug 2023

Following the Uxbridge by-election, there has been a huge row over the extension of London’s Ulez scheme. Both Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer are standing up for the right to pollute. Eddie Ford stands up for the right to breathe clean, unpolluted air

Defending neutrality

03 Aug 2023

What are so-called socialists doing upholding the foreign policy of their ‘own’ bourgeois state? Anne McShane upholds the principles of international socialism

Not a workers’ state

03 Aug 2023

Did the Soviet Union remain a workers’ state from its heroic beginnings to its miserable end? Citing unchanged property relations is clearly unMarxist. What is decisive is production relations, argues Jack Conrad

Online Communist Forum, Sunday July 30 5pm

27 Jul 2023

Year of four trials

27 Jul 2023

Legal case follows legal case. Expect a crack-up even bigger than January 2021, says Daniel Lazare

Venomous targeting of migrants

27 Jul 2023

Despite suffering something of a setback in Spain, the far right is on the march across Europe. Prime responsibility for this, argues Paul Demarty, lies with the left

A tale of three by-elections

27 Jul 2023

Kevin Bean of Labour Party Marxists looks at the state of bourgeois politics and the controversy over so-called green policies

Their fantasy, our nightmare

20 Jul 2023

Ukraine’s offensive is getting nowhere and when a compromise is eventually reached Zelensky will be in deep trouble, argues Daniel Lazare

Cross-party yellow peril

20 Jul 2023

Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee has produced a lurid account of the challenge represented by China. Mike Macnair argues that the UK is playing catch-up with the US hegemon

Doing deals with Sir Keir

20 Jul 2023

Is building a Labour Party mark two a viable strategy? Kevin Bean of Labour Party Marxists looks at the Unite policy conference and beyond

Tinseltown’s hot summer

20 Jul 2023

Writers and screen actors need to win in their strike against the media giants, says Paul Demarty. But our aim must be a better, a higher culture

Putting the record straight

29 Jun 2023

Alexei Sayle (narrator), Chis Reeves (director), Norman Thomas (writer), Oh, Jeremy Corbyn - the big lie, Platform Films

Notes on the war

29 Jun 2023

Putin is in real trouble - the Wagnerite rebellion testifies to political, military and strategic failure, argues Jack Conrad

Arrested development

22 Jun 2023

Scott Evans looks at the paradox of continued support for independence and the revival of the Scottish Labour Party

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