Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

AMMs or GCs?

20 Jun 2019

Labour First, the LRC and the CLPD all vigorously oppose all-members meetings, while Momentum is in favour. But it really is a question of tactics, argues Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Blue-on-blue fight

20 Jun 2019

Boris Johnson is cruising to victory - but then what? Eddie Ford looks at the various possibilities

From Peterborough to Pompeo

13 Jun 2019

With every new victim of the witch-hunt, the requirements to qualify as an ‘anti-Semite’ are substantially lowered, says Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

New type of party

13 Jun 2019

Genuine democracy means collective decision-making and accountability, argues Peter Manson

All part of the campaign

06 Jun 2019

Pete Willsman is the victim of a well-timed sting - yet his own CLPD comrades will not stand in solidarity with him. Carla Roberts reports

The prosecutor’s fallacy

06 Jun 2019

Boris Johnson is surely guilty of lying - but dishonesty in politics cannot be dealt with by the courts, argues Paul Demarty

Gospel of no deal

06 Jun 2019

Forget the chatter about the Tory Party being ‘doomed’, writes Eddie Ford. We could, however, see a significant realignment of British politics


30 May 2019

Statement from Labour Against the Witchhunt on the EHRC investigation of Labour

Their crisis, our opportunity

30 May 2019

Boris Johnson promises to deliver Brexit, but to do that means calling a general election, writes Eddie Ford

Reclaiming democratic centralism

23 May 2019

One of the major issues raised by the Renewal Faction of America’s now liquidated ISO was the managerial regime that underpins the Cliffite tradition internationally. But there is bureaucratic centralism and democratic centralism. Mike Macnair continues his investigation

After Theresa has gone

23 May 2019

If Boris Johnson becomes Tory leader, a general election will soon follow. If he wins that election, Brexit and a joined-at-the-hip alliance with Donald Trump is on the cards. Eddie Ford reports on latest developments and future possibilities

Reinventing the monarchy

16 May 2019

Danny Baker’s sacking over his royal baby tweet symbolises the official anti-racism of ruling class ideology, writes Eddie Ford

Making plans for Nigel

16 May 2019

While the Brexit Party surges in the polls, too much of the left lines up with one or another faction of the bourgeoisie, says Paul Demarty

Lying about the elections

09 May 2019

The Tories suffered a historic drubbing in the local elections, writes Paul Demarty. So how come Labour’s performance was portrayed as equally bad?

Preparing for battles ahead

09 May 2019

David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists reports on a meeting full of vigorous debate

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