Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

Racism and The Firm

11 Mar 2021

Arguably the royal family is facing the most serious crisis since the death of Diana Spencer, writes Eddie Ford

The afterlife of Bobby Sands

11 Mar 2021

Glowing leftwing tributes to the hunger-striker contrast markedly to the prevailing attitude 40 years ago. Paul Demarty looks at the modern-day paradoxes

Careerism on the Mersey

11 Mar 2021

James Harvey reports on the manoeuvrings and stitch-ups that have happened in the wake of the arrest of elected mayor Joe Anderson

No theory, please - we’re Labour

04 Mar 2021

Activism, never mind the politics: unfortunately this just about sums up the general approach. James Harvey reports

A central driver

04 Mar 2021

The unchanging constitution no longer ensures stability: quite the reverse. As shown by the January 6 attempted coup, it brings instability. Daniel Lazare defends his long held position

Be afraid, be very afraid

04 Mar 2021

Gaby Rubin looks at the implications of the decision to deny Shamima Begum her British citizenship

Unionist wishful thinking

04 Mar 2021

The Salmond-Sturgeon rift has given hope to anti-independence forces, writes Paul Demarty. But the national question is not so easily dealt with

Hollow man for hollow times

25 Feb 2021

Much hyped though it was, the ‘new chapter’ speech was a ‘painting by numbers’ exercise in political platitudes, writes James Harvey

The Firm vs the Sussexes

25 Feb 2021

Monarchy is part reality TV show, part constitutional check on democracy, writes Eddie Ford

We light fires

18 Feb 2021

One half of the Labour Campaign for Free Speech does not believe in free speech. They want a ‘free speech, but ...’ campaign. Jack Conrad explains why the left should champion the unrestricted right to organise, strike, assemble and speak

End the contradiction

18 Feb 2021

James Harvey reports on a timely conference that produced a strange outcome

Live at the witch trials

18 Feb 2021

Starmer’s ‘advisory board’ is part of a wider push to eliminate all opposition to Israel, says Paul Demarty

Still not prepared to fight

11 Feb 2021

The readmittance of suspended members does not mean that the right is in retreat, argues James Harvey

Handcuffed gates

11 Feb 2021

Students are resisting the academic cronies imposed on them by the Erdoğan regime. Esen Uslu reports

Bigger than January 6

11 Feb 2021

Donald Trump is now on trial before the Senate charged with inciting insurrection. Jack Conrad says the attempted self-coup began long before the January 6 storming of the Capitol

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