Democracy & State

Overcoming the enemies within

17 May 2012

The left must unite in order to change the relationship of forces both within and outside the Labour Party, argues Mike Macnair

Corrupt Dems hand Trump another win

25 Jan 2024

Moves against the former president continue to backfire. Daniel Lazare reports on the Fani Willis case

A stale left in a tumultuous world

25 Jan 2024

There were two topics on the agenda: the Israel-Gaza war and the coming general election. Scott Evans reports on the January 21 aggregate for CPGB members and supporters

How crybullying works

11 Jan 2024

Politics should have no ‘safe spaces’. Sob stories about ‘anti-Semitism’ on campus strike at a weak point in contemporary left politics, argues Paul Demarty

Haley’s telling blunder

04 Jan 2024

Many southerners happily fly the stars and bars, but they prefer to talk of state rights, not black slavery. Paul Demarty looks at Donald Trump’s nearest Republican rival

More ballot games

04 Jan 2024

Another year, another legal attempt to stymie Donald Trump. Daniel Lazare detects echoes of 1860

New kind of cruelty

14 Dec 2023

Shaming and demonising the poor: James Linney takes apart the Tories’ ‘back to work plan’, but nobody should expect anything positive from Sir Keir and Wes Streeting

Class war by other means

14 Dec 2023

Heather Hallett’s enquiry gives no grounds for optimism that the next pandemic will be handled better, but its exposure of the failings of the system and its hired servants is a lesson to be learned, writes Ian Spencer

Whitewashing Marine Le Pen

07 Dec 2023

Italy and Giorgia Meloni provide the model. David Broder asks what lies behind the ‘mainstreaming’ of the far right

Don’t cry for Milei, Argentina

30 Nov 2023

The election of an anarcho-capitalist eccentric as president is the latest example of bourgeois politics descending into irrationality, argues Paul Demarty

Nigel’s next adventure

23 Nov 2023

However he gets on in the jungle, Nigel Farage is far from done with frontline politics, writes Paul Demarty

Defend and extend the jury system

23 Nov 2023

Acquittals of pro-Palestine activists, BLM protestors and XR campaigners have infuriated the Tory press and seen a judicial backlash. Mike Macnair argues for juries and their right to hear ‘lawful excuse’

America’s neo-Weimar constitution

16 Nov 2023

Outwardly, America still seems like a normal country, so predictions of doom and gloom may seem over the top. But, says Daniel Lazare, the danger of authoritarianism is all too real

A right based on need

09 Nov 2023

Moral outrage against Braverman’s repugnant ‘lifestyle choice’ remarks is justified, but clearly not enough. Kevin Bean makes the case for the political economy of the working class when it comes to housing

Deserting the ship

26 Oct 2023

Birds of ill omen are flying for Rishi Sunak and the Tory government. After two big by-election wins, Sir Keir increasingly looks like a prime minister in waiting, writes Eddie Ford

Unprecedented numbers for Palestine

26 Oct 2023

Ryan Frost gives his impressions of the demonstrations and why it is vital to go beyond the essentially circular politics of protest

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