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Nationalist myths are not Marxism

27 Jul 2006

Jack Conrad argues against the Scottish Socialist Party's claim that Scotland is an oppressed nation, an English colony. Prior to the 1707 Act of Union Scotland was not a nation

Confident campaign

27 Jul 2006

John McDonnell was bullish about both the Labour Representation Committee conference and the prospects for his leadership campaign when he spoke to Mark Fischer

21st century socialism

27 Jul 2006

Owen Jones is the coordinator of the recently launched LRC youth group, the Young Socialists, and is on the John McDonnell campaign team. Mark Fischer collared him for an argument

Astute timing but weak politics

27 Jul 2006

The John McDonnell challenge affords the Labour left a chance of a comeback, Mark Fischer reckons. But what should be the role of Marxists in the party?

Don't desert them

27 Jul 2006

'No to war, no to repression' is an open letter by Iranian student leaders in opposition to both imperialist aggression and the oppression of the islamic regime. Two were recently arrested. Mehdi Kia of Iran Bulletin/Middle East Forum introduces it with a discussion of its background and the solidarity tasks of the left

No to war, no to repression

27 Jul 2006

SWP apologetics for reactionary anti-imperialism

20 Jul 2006

Eddie Ford comments on Socialist Worker's recent coverage of the unfolding situation in Somalia

Defending national socialism is not Marxism

20 Jul 2006

Jack Conrad begins an extensive reply to Bob Goupillot with an examination of the principle of 'one state, one party' and its history

Different roads to unity

20 Jul 2006

Should 'one state, one party' be applied to Britain in current political circumstances? Bob Goupillot of the Republican Communist Network (Scotland) and the Scottish Socialist Party argues that the unity of the working class can at present best be served by a separate party for Scotland

Come back and fight (and vote)

20 Jul 2006

John McDonnell's decision to contest the Labour leadership opens up opportunities for the left, writes Graham Bash of Labour Left Briefing

Sleaze is back

20 Jul 2006

But, argues Mike Macnair, it never really went away

Iranian left protests against apologetics

13 Jul 2006

Like the Socialist Workers Party, Monthly Review in the United States has toned down its opposition to the Iranian regime. Iranian socialists have issued this open letter in protest at its coverage of the June 12 women's demonstration in Tehran

Ian Donovan's original letter

06 Jul 2006

'Class lines' against democracy

06 Jul 2006

Mike Macnair takes on Ian Donovan

Rehabilitation, not irrationality

29 Jun 2006

Blair's speech exposes the government's bankruptcy on crime, says Eddie Ford