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80 years since the general strike - From world war to councils of action

04 May 2006

Jack Conrad begins a series of articles examining the 1926 general strike

Show of union militancy

30 Mar 2006

Pensions dispute points to lack of politics, says Alan Stevens

Basra quagmire

23 Feb 2006

Yassamine Mather (Iran Bulletin Middle East Forum and Critique) calls for solidarity with the Basra oil workers

Representation - crisis unresolved

26 Jan 2006

As expected, the RMT's 'Crisis in working class representation' conference was almost entirely a gathering of the organised left, writes Peter Manson. The union bureaucracy has no intention of founding a new political party

Decision time for SWP

17 Nov 2005

The Socialist Workers Party is still refusing to take responsibility for two of their members who voted for the scandalous pension deal in the PCSU: Martin John has resigned from the party and no action has been taken against Sue Bond. Lee Rock, national secretary of the PCSU Socialist Caucus, reports

SP on the rack after climbdown

05 Feb 2004

Pressure is mounting on the Socialist Party-dominated leadership of the Public and Commercial Services Union following the decision of the department of work and pensions (DWP) executive to suspend strike action last week reports Lee Rock

Don't break the link

05 Feb 2004

Marcus Ström calls for increased, not decreased, union affiliation to the Labour Party

Class war and damned lies

05 Feb 2004

Dave Douglass (branch secretary Hatfield NUM) reviews: Janice Sutherland, 'Strike: when Britain went to war', Channel 4, Saturday January 24 Steven Condie, 'The miners' strike', BBC2, Tuesday January 27

Break with yellow unions

11 Dec 2003

Houzan Mahmoud of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq reports on how one British left group continues to side with the Ba'athist oppressors who once ruled Iraq

Confusion reigns over union bosses' pay

20 Nov 2003

At a meeting of 40 Public and Civil Service Union London Left Unity members on November 11, Socialist Workers Party comrades voted against their organisation’s position with regards to the pay of rank and file candidates when elected as full-time trade union officials.

Poor tactics, useless strategy

06 Nov 2003

Unison's dispute over London weighting continues to suffer from serious underlying weaknesses, says Alan Stevens

An utter mess

06 Nov 2003

In June a rotten settlement gave management carte blanche to impose 'modernisation' on firefighters' working conditions. Now the promised seven percent rise is to be phased in. Fire Brigades Union London regional officer Matt Wrack spoke to Peter Manson about the background to the latest wave of unofficial action

Temporary climbdown

06 Nov 2003

John Keys reports on the latest of the postal dispute

Wildcat post strikes spread

30 Oct 2003

John Keys reports about the unofficial strikes by postal workers that have broken out all over London and nearby areas

London weighting dead end

23 Oct 2003

Alan Stevens reports about Unison's long-running, stop and go London weighting dispute