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What kind of oppression?

26 Jan 2017

Peter Manson reports on presidential rivals, changing political alliances and apartheid’s ongoing legacy

Rattling the Labour right

13 Oct 2016

Lawrence Parker spoke at Communist University 2016 on the National Left Wing Movement - an organisation that was active in the Labour Party during the 1920s. Chris Hill of Labour Party Marxists spoke to him

Danger of disillusionment

29 Sep 2016

Junior doctors have been left in the lurch, writes Richard Galen

Lock up the thugs

29 Sep 2016

Once more, the SACP finds itself on the wrong side of the class divide, writes Peter Manson

Snapping the olive branch

22 Sep 2016

With Corbyn about to be re-elected as Labour leader, Paul Demarty despairs at talk of peace offerings

Three different approaches

22 Sep 2016

The 1918 Fabian creation and 1959 alteration, the 1995 Blairite version, and the proposed new clause four drafted by Labour Party Marxists

ANC in disarray

08 Sep 2016

While the ruling party is riven by factions, writes Peter Manson, the SACP too is deeply divided

Make it mandatory

08 Sep 2016

Carla Roberts reviews: David Osland's 'How to select or reselect your MP', Spokesman Books, 2016, pp16, £4

End the bans and proscriptions

01 Sep 2016

Once the Labour Party was characterised by tolerance and inclusion, all working class organisations were welcome - no longer. James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists explores the history

Scorched earth litigation

04 Aug 2016

The right’s implausible and not so implausible legal threats have a purpose, writes Mike Macnair

An independent voice

04 Aug 2016

How can we combat the disinformation of the mass media? Yassamine Mather discusses the problems and solutions

No time to stay silent

28 Jul 2016

BMA members must insist that the union’s decisions are followed through, argues Richard Galen

From Powell to Brexit

28 Jul 2016

Alex Carnovic interviews Evan Smith about his forthcoming book 'British communism and the politics of race'

Obituaries: Two miners’ heroes

28 Jul 2016

David Douglass remembers Brian Robson and Davey Hopper

Time for Corbyn to speak out

21 Jul 2016

What does the right do when it loses an election? It voids the result! Tony Greenstein reports on the suspension of the largest local Labour unit