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Anarchist origins of the 'general strike' slogan

Giving internationalism new meaning

12 Apr 2007

The Liverpool dockers' March for Social Justice took place 10 years ago, on April 12 1997. Chris Knight of the London Dockers Support Group, who acted as the main link with the Reclaim the Streets movement, looks back at the dockers' historic fight

Step up pressure on union lefts to get John McDonnell on the ballot

22 Mar 2007

If John McDonnell's name were to appear on the ballot paper to decide the Labour Party's new leader, that would bring with it the possibility of revitalising the entire left. However, thanks in large part to the cowardice of the left union bureaucrats, not enough Labour MPs have come under pressure to nominate him, says Jim Moody

Thieves at large

15 Feb 2007

Jim Moody analyses Royal Mail's decision to exclude new staff from schemes that ensure a retirement payout based on a percentage of a member's final salary

Revisiting Warwick

01 Feb 2007

Labour is turning to the unions once again to ease its financial problems. But will the union bureaucrats write more blank cheques? Alan Stevens calls for a political fightback

PCSU: All out January 31

25 Jan 2007

Lee Rock, national secretary of PCSU Socialist Caucus, reports on the forthcoming 24-hour strike

Decriminalise sex work

04 Jan 2007

How should the left relate to sex workers? Following the murder of five prostitutes in Ipswich, Peter Manson spoke to Ana Lopes of the International Union of Sex Workers (www.iusw.org)

What happens next?

16 Nov 2006

Public and Commercial Services Union militant Tony Wood gives his view of the conference

PCSU left split

16 Nov 2006

Lee Rock, national secretary of the PCSU Socialist Caucus, explains the split in the Left Unity group

Many questions, no answers

16 Nov 2006

Last weekend saw the SWP attempt to win union militants to Respect. Alan Stevens reports on the Organising for Fighting Unions conference

Class resistance and conspiracy

26 Oct 2006

David Douglass reviews Margaret Hutcherson's Let no wheels turn: the wrecking of the Flying Scotsman, 1926 TUPS Books, 2006, pp91, £6.95

Poles apart, or workers' unity?

07 Sep 2006

Ewa Jasiewicz is a Transport and General Workers Union organiser in the north-west with particular responsibility for the recruitment of Polish migrant workers. She spoke to Peter Manson

What should have been done

15 Jun 2006

Jack Conrad concludes his series of articles on the general strike

A Chartist trade union party?

01 Jun 2006

Dave Craig of the Revolutionary Democratic Group looks forward to a synthesis of reform and revolution

Virtues and vices

25 May 2006

Jack Conrad pays tribute to the role of the CPGB in 1926. But as well as heroism there were limitations

A study in bureaucratic inertia

18 May 2006

Jack Conrad shows that, while the Tory government assiduously and ruthlessly prepared for the 1926 general strike, the TUC was content to pass left-sounding resolutions

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