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Anarchist origins of the 'general strike' slogan

An utter mess

06 Nov 2003

In June a rotten settlement gave management carte blanche to impose 'modernisation' on firefighters' working conditions. Now the promised seven percent rise is to be phased in. Fire Brigades Union London regional officer Matt Wrack spoke to Peter Manson about the background to the latest wave of unofficial action

Temporary climbdown

06 Nov 2003

John Keys reports on the latest of the postal dispute

Wildcat post strikes spread

30 Oct 2003

John Keys reports about the unofficial strikes by postal workers that have broken out all over London and nearby areas

London weighting dead end

23 Oct 2003

Alan Stevens reports about Unison's long-running, stop and go London weighting dispute

Anti-left witch-hunt

31 May 2001

Prelude to Blair?s second term

Witch hunt stymies fight

26 Apr 2001

RMT witch hunt

12 Apr 2001

Focus on action

PCS Left Unity

15 Mar 2001


22 Feb 2001

Safety demands workers' control

23 Nov 2000

After Hatfield rail safety demands workers' control

26 Oct 2000

Kavanagh's shameful letter

01 Jan 1970

Force the union to act in defence of Abdul Omer Mohsin, urges AJ Byrne

Sovereign busworkers fight back

01 Jan 1970

Gerry Downing, secretary of Grass Roots Left, calls for the rank and file to act against union sell-outs

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