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Solidarity and sex

31 Aug 2006

The first human revolution was led by women, argues Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group

Prostitution policy and the NOTW smears

10 Aug 2006

Mike Macnair remembers the discussion in the SSP over the question of prostitution

Prophet flawed

10 Aug 2006

Green Party member Derek Wall remembers Murray Bookchin (1921-2006)

Keeping silent over 'offensive' film

03 Aug 2006

Huw Bynon reports on the protests surrounding the film version of Monica Ali's novel Brick Lane - and wonders why Respect and the Socialist Workers Party will not comment

The science of solidarity

03 Aug 2006

Chris Knight of the Radical Anthropology Group looks at the 'selfish gene' revolution - and draws some rather different conclusions from moralistic liberals

Identity and class

27 Jul 2006

After watching the repeat of the BBC series, Lefties, Gordon Downie discusses how the capitalist media misrepresents radical movements of the left

Wind that shakes the establishment

29 Jun 2006

Anne Mc Shane reviews Ken Loach's The wind that shakes the barley

No future in the past

29 Jun 2006

Jack Conrad questions the romantic image of prehistory presented by green thinkers

Nation in a state

29 Jun 2006

World cup: does England's footballing performance reflect the national condition? Lawrence Parker investigates

Not fit for purpose

22 Jun 2006

In the panic over sex crimes, communists emphasise the need for treatment, not revenge. Eddie Ford comments

On your bike

08 Jun 2006

Phil Kent criticises the limitations of greenism

Changing solutions

08 Jun 2006

Tony Stevens says broadness for its own sake will achieve nothing, as the June 3 Campaign against Climate Change conference showed

Bum-numbing conspiracy

01 Jun 2006

Jeremy Butler reviews The da Vinci code

Changes and responses

01 Jun 2006

Climate change is nothing new. Nor can we stop it. What we need, insists Jack Conrad, is a society that can cope with sudden change

Who's stereotyping

18 May 2006

Jeremy Butler reviews Russell T Davies' Doctor Who (BBC1)